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    Default Cervical Ripening Nerves!

    Hello all!
    The wife and I are 3 days shy of reaching the 37 week mark and are feeling a bit anxious about a visit to our obstetrician yesterday. Long story short (I'll try!) - a few days ago we went in for an ultrasound and all looked good, except the analyst laughingly joked that "it's going to be a big one!", guesstimating the weight at around 3.7 kilos (8.15 pounds).
    We called up our obstetrician a nervously asked if this would be a problem, seeing as we still had three and a half weeks to go before the estimated birth date.
    She had us come by yesterday for monitoring (all good, no contractions, just a few hiccups) and examined my wife's cervix and found it still closed and thick.

    Now, the problem with our doctor is that she's a very fast talker and once she mentioned the words "Possibility of Inducing Labor" our heads didn't stop spinning until we left the office.

    We're going to call her again on Tuesday to have her clarify a few things, but she wants my wife to take a rectal suppository called Buscapina (as it's called in Spain, where we live) but it's basically Butylscopolamine, a drug used to treat pain and discomfort caused by abdominal cramps, menstrual cramps, or other spasmodic activity in the digestive system - sometimes known as Buscopan.

    She says this is to advance the ripening of the cervix.

    Since arriving home, we've had a chance to read up on inducing labor, and we're both against it. We want our baby to come when she decides to come and not because labor is provoked by some chemical agent.

    On the other hand, there are "natural" methods to move things forward, like eating prunes, sexual relations, nipple stimulation, taking long walks, climbing stairs, etc.

    So my question is, will taking this suppository start my wife on a express ride to babytown? We're barely at week 37 and see no need to rush things along if not absolutely necessary for the health of the mother and baby.

    Or would it be more realistic to comparing it to eating a handful of prunes - meaning, it'll help out and make the birth easier when it comes, but it won't be provoking the labor.

    Thanks for any input!!

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    I have never been induced, but I did have my son all naturally at week 38. My only advice would be to again talk to your OB and try and get a clearer explanation for her reasoning.
    If the baby is already measuring large, she might feel that carrying to 40+ weeks may hinder her chances of delivering naturally. Not trying to scare you but my SIL insisted on waiting till she went in to labour naturally, her son was already looking over 4kgs at 39wks. She lasted until 42 and then they insisted on induction (chemical induction in hospital with drips, drugs and cervical gel). The baby ended up being huge and she had to have an emergency CS. He was 4.5kgs (she is tiny).
    It sounds like your option for ripening the cervix is very gentle compared to induction and I am sure that your OB only has your family's best interest in her advice.
    I hope it helps a little.

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    Just adding to what has already been said, I think a lot of guesstimating goes on when scans are being done as to size. I was told both my girls were going to be small (at 40 weeks) and they were both 9lbs, so I wouldn't put too much emphasis on being told "it's going to be a big one". 8lbs sounds ok to me at 37 weeks?

    I wouldn't even be thinking about induction yet, bub will come when it's time

    Best wishes


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