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    Default Am I holding my son back??

    Ok... so my son is 11 months old. He LOVES food, and has no allergies so far!! :-)

    My question is, should he be self feeding heaps now??

    At the moment, this is what he eats:

    Breakfast: Cereal or porridge + fruit

    Option 1:Toast with no crusts -topped with cheese, avocado, cottage cheese, cream cheese or whatever else. (These are usually the main options though!) + yoghurt
    Option 2: Egg mashed up (spoon fed) with bite size veggies for self feeding + yoghurt or fruit
    Option 3: Pasta with cheese and veggies (self feeding) + fruit and/or yoghurt

    Option 1: Chicken and veggies (finger food) + fruit
    Option 2: Spaghetti bolognese with veggies grated in (Spoon fed) + fruit
    Option 3: Rice with lentils and veggies (spoon fed) + fruit

    I'm still giving him toast as he only has his bottom 2 teeth and he still kinda chokes a bit on the toast... so not sure that I should give him plain bread yet, as in a sandwich.

    I read on another post tonight that some people give their 11 month olds sticks of soft veggies or bread to dip into cottage cheese. Should I be encouraging my son to do these things too??

    Also, when do you give ham??? Is it too early, or can I give it to him now?
    And what about salad type food like lettuce? I would think that cucumber would be 'down the track' food given chock-ability factor.

    Would love some feedback!!

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    Cucumber is actually really good, my DS has had it since he was 6 months! Just wash it and cut it into sticks (hot chip size) they gum off the flesh ( plus it's great for teething if you serve it cold!) by 11 months though I just cut it on the diagonal in thin strips, DS has been eating Greek salad since about 9 months ( he loves olives)

    Technically he can have ham but in reality it's full of salt, nitrates and chemicals and really has not nutritional value! Chicken, tuna, turkey, roast beef, fish would be so much healthier!

    It looks like he does self feed a lot? Let him feed himself spagetti though ! I havea great photo of 10 month old DS covered head to toe in spagetti and sauce! Just put him on the floor with a giant Towell!

    Steamed carrot, cold cucumber sticks are great for dippers into homemade dips, plus bread sticks or rice cakes as well

    I think at 11 months you should let him try everything! I read somewhere that when they turn 1 their " caveman" instinct kicks in and they are reluctant to try food they haven't seen before but unfortunately a lot of people wait until 1 to introduce new foods so if you give them loads of variety early hopefully they won't be too fussy !

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    I've always just given my children bits of what I'm eating on top of their normal foods to encourage different tastes and it also helps me to discover what they like and what they don't. I've heard before to try and introduce them to as much as you can by the time they are two as once this age they can be set in their ways. Good luck x

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