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    Default VBAC info

    Hi everyone,
    I have just past the 12 week mark with my second pregnancy. I had to have an emergency c-section with my DD and had a couple of questions I was hoping anyone could clear up for me.
    The story with my daughter goes that at 38 weeks I could not feel her moving, went into the hospital and she was found to be in fetal distress. 45 minutes later she was born via c-section weighing 5.3lbs. I was in hospital for 7 days and during that time she remained in special care due to being unable to control her temperature and for a few other tests that needed to be run. This caused all kinds of difficulties for myself.
    The reason they found for her being small was a placental problem and it not giving her sufficient nutrition.
    I would rather have a VBAC however I am scared due to a few reasons.
    1. My new obstetritian (who has a very low c-section rate,) said that placental issues often occur in future pregnancies. I assume if this was to happen he would recommend a c-sec?
    2. My obs said he will request extra scans in the 2rd trimester to get an idea of size of bubs. Are these accurate? I am stressed about not knowing I'm having another small baby and risk babies health due to this.
    3. If I end up having to have a c-sec when do they do this? eg. early? or on due date? how far overdue would they let me go to try and go into labour naturally?

    I'm scared about whether I'm making the right decision wanting a VBAC or if it's selfish of me.
    Sorry if this is the wrong spot to post, and I know I can discuss all these questions with my ob but I dont see him for 3 weeks and I'm stressed about it.

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    I am 26 weeks and also VBACing this time. Ultrasounds have about a 20% error rate when estimating fetal size and I have declined a late term scan for this exact reason.

    I'd recommend doing a heap of googling on VBAC info - a good place to start is Birth Rites and Unnecesarean. There are also heaps of threads in here with lots of info which I've found helpful.

    It might also be worth considering hiring a doula or private middie if you can afford it. VBAC success rates are much higher with them. I've chosen the private middie in a public hospital this time around.

    Good luck!


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