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    Default MOS ivf westmead

    Hi everyone!

    Just wondering if anyone has used or knows much about MOS ivf cycles? My mum gave me an ad out the paper today, checked out the website, looks interesting!

    Would love any info on the actual cycle, the pricing, was it really easier on your body than the traditional ivf? Anything u know would be great!

    Thanks in advance!

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    I went to the bhealthy website. I also found a couple of things mentioning Kim Potter. I also read up to Figure 7 of Verberg M.F.G. et al. Mild ovarian stimulation for IVF. Human Reproduction Update 2009. 15(1):13-29 (reference obtained from Medica IVF website).

    It sounds like they're just talking about antagonist cycles. If the clinic is only now introducing them they're 3 or more years behind the times. Kim Potter's recollections are largely irrelevant, since she's deliberately comparing 4-year-old techniques with current techniques as though they were equivalent. I was surprised to see the poorly controlled figure 6 in the paper indicating that antagonist may have a worse outcome than LDR on live birth success rates (but they had varied more conditions than just antagonist vs LDR so the two lines aren't really comparable at all, and there's no info on whether the trends are statistically significant or not - I suspect results are not different).

    The "low doses" mentioned are actually STANDARD doses (75-225 IU FSH). Your actual dose should depends on your circumstances.

    The only real difference mentioned that I can find is the amount of monitoring, and Kim Potter's statement that you need surgery for embryo transfer. My clinic still did an average of 3 monitoring appointments during a stim cycle (3 blood tests and 2 ultrasounds), rather than Medica IVF's single monitoring appointment. Without the increased monitoring regime being standard I definitely would not have been able to have a short stim on the occasion I responded extremely well, and would probably not have been able to have a longer stim on the occasion I responded poorly. (The other 6 times I responded in the standard timeframe.) I'm not convinced a single monitoring appointment during the stim phase would accommodate individual responses at all well, and would wonder why I was paying the money just to be treated as one of the herd. I would not expect surgery for ET to be standard (as implied by Medica/Kim Potter), but instead only for those who have traumatic ET.
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    My very first IVF/ICSI cycle was with Medica using their Mild Ovarian Stimulation program. As Felicita said, its simply the antagonist protocol. My dose was 150IU of Gonal F which is quite standard for a first timer at any clinic. I had 2 monitoring appointments with a BT and US at each one. I found the cycle was a breeze, and not at all the horrible hormonal rollercoaster that I had assumed IVF would involve. We did well on the embie creation front, getting 6 blasties with 5 to freeze, but sadly no BFP from any of them.

    I believe they call it MOS simply because they don't aim for huge egg no's. Now that I've moved on from Medica, I've found other clinics do apply MOS, but just don't give it a special label.

    My reason for switching clinics was to get further testing done after none of our embies attempted to implant. Medica were great with the physical IVF process, but I didn't feel supported when I wanted to dig deeper.


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