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    Default anyone else been diagnosed with blood clotting disorder?

    hi girls, just wondering if anyone else been diagnosed with blood clotting disorder? (i have lupus anticoagulant). this is possibly what has caused my 3 m/c but i have only ever been given baby aspirin in early preg and lost all 3 around the 5-6 week mark.

    anyone else gone on to have a healthy bubba and if so, were you put on blood thinners (to inject) asap?

    i have my recurring m/c lady appointment at the hospital comin up on monday, and wanna request a script for the next time i get preggers so we can get onto this asap. hubby's getting his chromosomes tested and we're awaiting results (another 2-3 weeks) but i'm cleared for everything else other than my blood clotting disorder.

    should i perhaps also request a laparoscopy from my fertility specialist when i see him in 2 weeks? or could this be a waste of time since they already know i can conceive, or could they find something that's hindering implantation from being effective.

    so many questions i know, but this is where my head is at, at the moment, completely scattered and sick of getting a carrot dangled in front of me and being taken away. "here's your chance to have a baby!!!!!!!!!, nah just not". so upsetting to keep going through this.

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    So sorry to hear about your 3 m/c's.

    I have a blood clotting condition which I found out about 10 years ago after I got a blood clot on my lung following a motor bike accident. I was put on clexane injections (once daily, increasing to twice daily at end of pregnancy) as soon as I found out I was pregnant and finished them 24 hours before being induced.

    Hope your next pregnancy is a sticky one.


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