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    Default What do you love about being a single parent?

    As much as I hate living alone at times I have to admit love the following when it comes to living alone (with DS):

    I love cooking what I WANT to eat, and because it's just the two of us I don't have to cook every night, Half the time there is leftovers from the night before, yum!
    I love NOT sharing my bed every night, I don't want to play tug of war with the blanket all night, or be sleeping on the edge of the bed (unless it's with DS on the odd occasion).
    I enjoy the peace and quiet when DS is asleep in bed.
    I love the fact that I don't have to compromise with anyone on what to watch on tv. I'm such a remote control freak :P
    I love that there is hot water in the morning, every morning because nobody else has used the shower first!

    What do you love/enjoy?

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    Pretty much everything!

    - Being able to make plans for the future without having to consider someone else's preferences (well DD's, but she does what I choose, lol)
    - Being in charge of the finances
    - Time to myself when DD goes to her Dads - best of both worlds being a mum sometimes AND being me sometimes
    - Can do as much or as little housework as I want
    - No one to tell me I'm too soft on/too hard on/not dealing properly with DD
    - No one to bug me for s.ex. If I feel like it I call one of my friends with benefits, then kick them out
    - Can spend weekends, holidays however I want

    Could go on forever! I seriously NEVER want to not be single ever again...

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    Everything you two have said!
    I just came out of a relationship and am rediscovering all the joys!

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    I've only been on my own for 2.5 months so i'm sure there will be other things as time goes on but here are some:

    -my power and water bills have been the lowest they have been in years. With these 2 combined I saved $150 in the past quarter. (Even though I have 2 new flatmates).

    -I have less rubbish in my bin and more in my recycling (which makes me happy!)

    -my house is cleaner. Before I found it difficult to stay on top of the housework but now its a breeze (and he complained I was messy- I think not!)

    -my food bill is less as I don't buy the food that he liked and my son and I eat most of the same stuff

    -I have lots of vegetarian meals which I did before ex and I met (DS eats meat meals at daycare and at his dads)

    -I'm finding it nice to have time for me doing simple things like painting my nails, reading, being on BubHub

    -I light candles every night without hearing complaints

    -my ex was a bully and I often found myself tiptoeing around him. The sense of calm I feel is great.

    -I have reconnected with friends who my ex shunned and I have had support from others who I had always kept at arms length

    -I find it easier to make decisions as I am no longer worrying about what he will think

    -I have been embracing my spirituality more and incorporating my culture more into everyday life as my ex was dismissive of these. It is helping me build my strength and self esteem

    -I love being able to parent the way that works for ds and I without having to consult or double-guess myself

    -I went out and chose a doona cover that was to my liking rather than choosing one that would be acceptable to both of us

    -I have friends over for cups of tea and a chat which I rarely did before

    Hmm. Looking at this list, for 10 weeks or so, its pretty extensive!

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    First thing that comes to mind is that my bathmat is always hanging neatly over the shower .... Don't miss the soggy bath mat at all!!! But I'll update my list properly later
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    I enjoy not having to share the parenting style and future choices with someone else

    Not feeling controlled and being able to be happy without walking on eggshells

    Having lazy days if I feel like it

    Not having someone tell me I'm spoiling dd or too hard to soft on her

    Being able to choose how to celebrate her bday, Easter, Christmas, religion etc

    Basically doing what I wish with our
    Time, money without needing to think of someone else

    I also don't ever see myself in a couple again. It's so much easier being single. But then I don't have any good relationships to base this on.

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    Being on my own suits me a whole lot better than being with the ex (and I'm starting to think any man at all).

    The biggest advantage- planning our future. Mine and Ex values were vastly different and he had little time to compromise. I'm very excited about mine and DS future.

    And than there's the little stuff- my bed, my money (I'm actually saving more without ex), my parenting style, my time.

    I love being a single parent.

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    I'm the first to admit I get lonely sometimes but that's what friends with benefits are for!!!

    I love not having to share my princess - I make all the decisions no one to second guess me.

    Financial independence I would not give this up for anyone!!!

    I'm sure there are lots more things but my favorite is the times I get to snuggle into bed with DD and hide just for a few minute

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    Yep, pretty much everything.

    Financially I am SO much better off, even though I'm on a pension. I manage my money very well, he never did.

    I'm calm and happy

    The boys are calm and happy

    I'm looking foward to the future with excitement

    I feel free and empowered

    It's great

    I'm in the process of buying the boys and I a family home, which is awesome

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    Oh yeah the not being controled or on eggshells thing for me is number 1!

    Myself and my children are so much more contented.

    I can spend as much time with my children and or doing things for them as i like without having to ration my time between them and a partner and have my partner feeling like he is put out by my doing so ect.
    Or having to try to please a partner but feeling like my children don't get enough of my time and attention as a result (- and the feeling of guilt that ensues.. arghh. I'm SO glad that's behind me.

    I have more money when single. And less cleaning.
    Honestly having a partner in the past has allways ended up feeling like extra work, money and stress for me. Great at the start but eventually i'm doing everything and compromising on too many things.

    (I secretly hope that this is only due to an unfortunate string of bad relationships and that great ones actually exist where by i wouldn't have such a hard time and or feel so compromised and suffocated.)

    Ugh and not having to explain myself all the time- where i'm going , what i'm doing, why i'm doing it.

    And just being free of all that complicated emotional relationship stuff. Feeling insecure ect.

    I don't feel like ever being in a relationship ever again either. Seems like the man mostly benefits from being in one..Hmm thinking of that most awsesome speach said by Jack Nicolsons character in Witches Of Eastwick "Darryl Van Horn' on the subject of relationships and the like
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