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    Default He just won't settle!!

    Hi all,

    So looking for some advice of mothers who have been through this or something similar. I have a gorgeous lil boy of 10 months, who up until a couple months back wasn't having much issue sleeping. We recently flew overseas and baby was teething very badly and began to refuse the dummy. Now that he doesn't take the dummy anymore, he cannot settle himself.. we lay with him for hours at night and during the day for naps and he is so exhausted but keeps getting all hyper and stimulated.. then he'll cry.. we have tried to leave him in the crib.. he just screams and does not fall asleep.. eventually after hours of trying he usually falls asleep with some bottle and even then its a very light sleep. Has anyone had something similar to this? I would leave him to cry if i knew it would help.. he def would end up crying for long periods of time bc i have tried it..SUGGESTIONS PLZ.. really stressed

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    Perhaps get him checked by your GP. I was told somewhere that sometimes flying can cause ear probs which would be painful for him.

    I would gently persist in offering the dummy if possible. Is he still teething? Would panadol / teething gel help?

    What is he eating? Is he constipated at all?

    Just trying to look at as many alternative issues as possible. But usually, if there's nothing wrong, routine is the key for gently transitioning him back to a regular pattern again. Even if you only try to establish s similar kind of sleep pattern to the previous one, with a nice warm relaxing bath before final bedtime, perhaps that will help.

    Sorry, not sure if any of that helps but I hope it improves. Going without sleep or listening to a screaming child is never easy.


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