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    Quote Originally Posted by Poppy30 View Post
    I am a secondary teacher and I have been teaching for 10 years and I just wanted to encourage you not to turn your back on teaching so soon. I know some schools can be absolutely awful but trust me, the job gets easier the longer you stay. You've come so far, I really do hope you go back to teaching after you have your bubba.
    In regards to how you've been treated, your principal cannot dismiss you because you're pregnant, it's against the law. Call fair work australia - they should be able to advise you about what to do next.
    A baby is a blessing and I hope you work everything out. X
    I would absolutely agree with this! You have unfortunately come across a toxic school environment, unfortunately they exist. However, there are so many wonderful schools and staff who truly support each other and their community, seek out a school which will be like this. It's a great job when you find your place. Feel free to pm me if you like

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    Hugs. Hang in there. My hubby was a first year out last year and he faced lots of crap. But we still got paid parental leave from edu dept which we weren't expecting. It's 10 weeks for the mother so check your entitlement to that before you think of quitting.

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    Sorry to hear you've had a bad experience I agree with PP that they cannot dismiss you for being pregnant, they can only stop your contract when you're at a certain later point in your pregnancy. I'm on a year contract and due September. These things happen and I know I felt guilty too but meh, your LIFE comes before a job!

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    Also a Secondary teacher and your story sounds almost word for word like my first year - except that I was permanent so they transferred me cos they didn't have a choice to not renew my contract.

    I agree whole-heartedly with the Union thing (I've been the Fed Rep / Woman's Contact off and on for years at my NSW school) - ring the union directly and request that you join if you think the school / rep may be stalling.

    But I wouldn't recommend telling the Principal about your pregnancy. Instead, if there is a senior member of staff who you feel may be able to listen (or one who has experience of being a pregnant teacher at your school so that she can tell you what treatment to expect) - or one at another nearby school - that's who I would be chatting with.

    As soon as my awful Principal realised I was pregnant, he took me off most of my classes and brought someone else in until he could transfer me! If you think he will be helpful / sensitive, that's a different matter but his behaviour / lack of support so far seems to indicate otherwise. Frankly, I got into the habit after that first school where I made the mistake of being upfront with the Principal early on, of telling later schools etc as late as possible (at about 5 months + in some cases!).

    Also agree about not giving up on teaching. It often depends on the school and other staff. I'm lucky to be at a great school and am now a senior member of staff with the freedom to do what I like (within reason) - I look forward to my classes most of the time and enjoy a great relationship with them. And it's a public school. There is hope!

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    If you get cr*p from your fellow workers about being pregnant maybe subtly remind them that its ppl like u keeping them in a job lol - good luck with your pregnancy and hope work sorts out xoxo


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