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    Thanks, I'm 8 weeks and 2 days. How bout you?

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    Cool, i'm 8 weeks today (if the dates are right)

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    Hi, and congratulations!

    This is my first too, so although I don't have any advice of the "been there, done that" variety, these are my thoughts:

    Antenatal classes not only give you information, they provide an opportunity to talk to hospital staff, and to ask any questions either of you might have. They also give you a chance to meet others in the same situation - this could be particularly helpful if your hospital offers a group for young parents etc. Unfortunately for me, the one offered by my hospital is for mothers under 20. At 22 I'm to old to be included there, but young enough to be considered a "young mother" by just about everyone else :P
    If you don't find a particular class useful, you can always stop attending.

    Based on what others have said, I don't intend to buy anything for quite some time. I'm only just over 12 weeks, and already have a ridiculous stock of baby clothing etc. given to us by relatives.

    Otherwise...it's hard to give general advice without knowing you - I don't want to come off sounding condescending if what I say seems really obvious to you :P But, risking that...

    I've heard a lot of people, of all ages, talk about how they were shocked by pregnancy/birth/baby related things which noone had ever told them about. eg. that most women tear when giving birth, that 80% defecate during birth...what happens during an emergency c-section...how stressful the first few months of a baby's life can be, and the effects it can have on your relationship, etc. I guess my advice there would be inform yourself as much as possible, talk openly with your partner and be prepared to deal with any issues together.

    Also, regarding furniture/baby products etc. gumtree.com.au is great for finding things you want second hand

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    Hello I am 20yrs old and pregnant with my first, my mum sister and best friend were super happy to hear the news but your right about people being rude I had people ask me if they should be offering a condolence or congratulations I had people pressure me to have an abortion and people just look at me and say you'll regret it.... Oh and I am 26 weeks pregnant today.

    But my parter and I have been together over 3 1/2 years and love each other dearly the only down side is that we were going to move out before we found out but have decided to stay at home to save cash, we are lucky enough to have a massive family house with only my parents here so we have enough space to have a newborn.

    Buying things- def wait till your at least past the 12 week mark because that is the time that risk of mc is lowered dramatacly.
    In saying that I am a super organized freak, only when coming to the baby ... If you saw my own room you would think I was a lier in saying that haha. So I had everything large by 24 weeks including cot pram rocking chair ect ... My best advice is layby ! A lot of baby stores will layby things for an extended amount of time :-) and if you want to save cash see if they can sell you display models, I did and my nursery (yes it's already set up) looks amazing and I didn't spent big big bucks!

    I love our hospitals antenatal clinic and I only see mw's but doctors if they have any concerns.
    Also you AND YOUR PARTNER with benefit out of the classes, ever sense our fist class my partner has been so cute making sure I'm not lifting things too heavy and so in.

    18 or 40 it doesn't matter, if your ready for a baby you'll know and even older people get very overwhelmed with their fist bub. So I am sure you will be amazing! It such an exciting journey!

    Sorry about the novel .... Was just bit excited to see other young mums to be on here lol.

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    Hello, Congratulations and welcome

    I found out I was pregnant with dd when I was 19.
    I found out 1 month after our wedding.
    It was a big shock! As I was told I couldn't have children without fertility treatments etc because of many different things so DH and I were just planing on saving up and when we were ready we would go down the IVF route. we wernt ready at 19, we had to grow up a little more quickly then expected lol
    So we were scared but very excited and the pregnancy was well welcomed now dd is the love of our lives and we couldn't imagine anything being different.
    Being young and pregnant was hard at time for me, I really wish I had found this forum when I was pregnant! It would have helped me out a lot and prepared me a little more so it's a great thing your here to join us and hopefully you find the advise and support your after.
    Every pregnant women needs support, no question is ever to silly so don't be afraid to ask anything that's bothering you.

    - I know I should be doing some exercise, but what is safe and most useful?
    Do you usually exercise?
    I wouldn't go hard core gym junkie work out style
    If I could do my pregnancy over again I would have started light walking and swimming early on.
    You can do any type of exercise really, no heavy lifting of course but maybe a pregnancy Yoga class might be good?
    Get a heart rate monitor for when your exercising, I'm pretty sure the limit when pregnant and working out is a heart rate no higher than 150 bpm.. I can't be 100% sure if that's the right number as it was so long ago I was pregnant lol, but ask your dr he/she will fill you in on it all

    - should I do shared care or just go with hospital care?
    I did shared care, it was good because if something was happening and i didn't want to go to the hospital to get it checked I was able to just go to my Dr.
    It would suggest getting into the midwife groups or midwife care that your hospital should offer.
    I really wish I went that way instead of shared care.

    - when should I start buying furniture for bub?
    I started right after I hit 12 weeks.
    We found out the sex at 19 weeks and I was so bummed that I had gotten a few things at 12 weeks because it was all gender neutral, and after I found out the sex I had a nursery theme in mind and some of the things I bought didn't go with the theme etc..
    I would start putting little bits of money away now and when you hit 20 weeks and find out the sex (if you are finding out) and have a little baby shopping spree.
    If you find something now on sale or an offer to good to refuse then I would say get it.
    I got a porta cot when I was 6 weeks pregnant because it was on sale at target for $20 and I couldn't resist lol.

    - Any other information that you could think of that would be helpful. Thanks.
    The only thing that comes to mind is maybe getting a pregnancy cook book, I really enjoyed the ones I had and it tought me quite a bit about food in general, what types of fats are good, vitamins in food etc.
    It helped me out after dd was born to with loosing the baby weight and also gave me good healthy food and snack ideas for dd for when she was older.
    Plus those pregnancy cook books have some delicious recipes that we still make at home today.

    The book "What to expect when your expecting" was a great book for me.
    I used it heaps!

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    We were 23 and 24 (me) when we told people we were expecting our DD. Our DD was a surprise. However we discussed it and decided we were responsible and mature enough to look after a child and here she is

    Even at our ages, we got the funny reactions from family and we would get stares sometimes. But at the end of the day everyone is still there for you even if they needs some adjusting (which I will add was mostly from DP's family, except his dad who was so excited he wanted to scream it from the rooftop, everyone else gave us the 'too soon' lecture, however I am not meant to be able to have children easily, and concieved on the pill, so it was meant to be!)

    Anyway, side tracked but I think you get what I mean. To answer your questions;

    1. Yes attend antenatal classes, I didn't want to but DP talked me into it and I am so happy that we went because we found it alot of fun.

    2. With excersize I was advised to do light walking, no more than 2kms, but to get out and walk at least 3-4 days a week. You can do swimming too and I think there is even pregnancy yoga. Also practice those pelvic floor excersizes throughout pregnancy and after. Thats just clenching your privates as the health nurse would tell me, pretend your are sucking them up, like you suck in your tummy. Hold for a few seconds and release, then repeat a few times. This is great for creating a strong pelvic floor.

    3. I just went with Hospital care, so no advice here.

    4. We waited until we were given the clear at 12 weeks before we started collecting furniture. But we started buying it soon from then. We were all prepared by the time DD was born. You will find that you will probably get alot of washes, wipes, nappies, bath stuff etc if you have a baby shower, also clothes.

    And mostly just relax and enjoy your pregnancy. I would recommend a 4D ultrasound at some stage later down the track. Our ultrasound place just did them anyway but there are some places that do them as a package and it is just amazing seeing them as if they were outside.


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    Hi There

    Firstly congratulations

    I'm a first time mum too at 23 (delivering in october) Some answers to your questions -

    - Antenatal Classes?
    Totally up to you. I think it's good to have as much information as possible so you can make your own informed decisions on things like pain relief etc when it comes to it and other things you want for your birth and you could meet other mums too. I'm starting mine next week. Totally your choice though, maybe you could go and see if it's for you or not?

    - I know I should be doing some exercise, but what is safe and most useful?
    I've been told that how active you are during pregnancy can depend on how active you were before you got pregnant. If you were really active then you're probably going to be able to do more than if you weren't and don't start anything new and strenuous. I was told not to do anything that could put me in danger of falling or bumping my belly. Midwives just said swimming, water classes, gentle walks on most days, and if I wanted to do my hand weights I could do them on very low weight. Don't do any exercise that can raise your temperature too high.

    - should I do shared care or just go with hospital care?
    Just research and make your choice, either one will be able to tell you the differences but its all up to you. Some people with a great relationship with their GP will choose shared care whereas someone who doesn't or doesn't have a regular GP may choose hospital based care. Some make their choice based on convenience. I'm having midwife based hospital care but see my GP regularly as she knows me and is my support and back up.

    - when should I start buying furniture for bub?
    Whenever you want to. Some people like to wait until after 12 weeks as the miscarriage risk lowers after then, some people like to wait until they are showing, others have been collecting things since before they were even pregnant. Totally up to you. I started around 12 weeks when I got back from honeymooning and am glad that I did now because the bigger I get the more I can't be bothered shopping for ages!

    - Any other information that you could think of that would be helpful.
    Knowledge is power, be informed, do your research and don't be afraid to ask questions to either your GP or midwife, nothing is stupid, that includes voicing concerns with them if you have any along the way, don't think you need to handle it all yourself


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