Hi everyone.

This is IVF #4 for us and we're TTC #1. Its been a few years since we did IVF, took abit of a break. We just managed to get 19 eggs collected and I was told today that we have 6 good looking day-2 embies there. We are hoping to get at least 2 blastocysts to transfer on day 5. I am so worried. I have previously only ever had day-2 transfers and have no idea whether our embies will make it to day-5. I'm so anxious that 6 embies are not enough to risk taking them to day-5. What are others experiences with blastocyst transfer? Should I be concerned?? They did say we had another 7 embies but they werent looking too good so the hope is with the 6 really good ones. Its an anxious another 3 days wait!!