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    Quote Originally Posted by Ahpez View Post
    Have you seen her do it?
    Is it squatting or does she put her bum up against something with her tail in the air flicking and spray? If its standing and it drips down or she squats then it's a urine or age forgetful problem, if she backs her bum up against something and it sprays then it's territory/anger thing.

    My partners cat is old, she's sprayed before but never in the house (car tyres etc). Then we brought home a kitten, she did it all the time! Would get punished and put outside etc. a year later she doesn't do it very often, but every now and then she still does it. Last time she did it I believe it's because we refused to feed her our food and she got angry, jumped up on my partners lap and sprayed on the curtains next to him.

    now that we've got a bub on the way, if her behavior becomes a problem we know we are going to have to remove her or atleast make her an outside cat.
    Oh wow, I think she thinks being the only child suited her best

    My kitten has been doing it since he was fixed up a few weeks ago just before 6 months. He will pee on a washing basket of clean clothes, a towel, the toilet ot bsthroom floor, the couch, our bed, suitcases.

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    My elderly cat is the same. She pees in our front room ALL the time, it smells horrible in there! I thought it was because she was objecting to her tray needing cleaning but the carpet now smells far worse than her tray, and she still poops in her tray no problems. She just won't pee in the tray!


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