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22 month old DD has recently started hitting me.

Im going to assume she's picked it up from pre-school as shes never seen anyone hit anyone at home, on TV or out and about (as far as i know).

My question is what do I do about it?

I been giving her 'time outs' but shes already had 3 this morning

ive told her 'no, that hurts mummy, that makes me sad, thats not nice, please be a good girl good girls dont hit anyone EVER, dont ever hit mummy ever again, etc etc' but alas its falling on deaf ears.. or she starts smacking the chair, floor, table insted.

how do/did you teach your LO's that hitting is not accecptble?
Hi there! I am a preschool teacher and i can assure that ur girl did prob pick that habit up from preschool. In preschools, there is a lot of biting and hitting going on.
Instead of calling it time-out, how about calling time-away...? That means that they don't just sit there cuz they were bad, but they sit there quietly and think about why they are there. Instead of time-outs being a negative thing, u can turn it into a positive by making them know that they behavior was not acceptable and now, they have to sit in time-away and think about their actions. And remember, one minute of time-away for each year. So, never give five minutes to a child who is only two years old. A one and a half year old child sits has to go for a minute and a half.....get it?
Next, try and not use negative language. And never use good gir or bad girl. When u say bad girl, ur are basically labelling them. And when u call them a good girl, so does that mean that they are bad all the rest of the time? Use encouraging terms and words, but try and stay away from " good " and "bad". Instead of telling her what not to do, tell her what to do, and what is postiive behavior and what is acceptable.
One last thing, are u sonsisten with ur time-outs? If she walks away from it, do u place her there again? And, what other measue do you take to discipline her? Next time, take away a toy that is very dear to her. Do it the second she hits u. And make sure that u explain why ur taking it away. If you keep consisten and give consequences for her actions, she will get it in the end! Good luck!