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    Default Dropping night feed - how to settle instead?

    I wasn't sure whether this was a sleeping or feeding question but figured I'm after advice on how to settle bub instead of feeding him so thought I'd put it in this section.

    DS is 8 months old and usually wakes up once a night between midnight and 3am for a feed. Over the last couple of months (since he went onto solids) I've been trying to reduce the amount of this feed in the hope of getting him to sleep right through the night. We are now down to 80mL. I've tried reducing it further but he just doesn't settle and will cry and grumble for hours if he doesn't get it. He has had 3 nights where he has slept right through (several weeks ago) so I know he can do it but he's just not wanting to now.

    We also have an issue in that he is rolling from back to front in his sleep but can't roll back so wakes up distressed and needs rescuing. This usually happens 1-3 times a night and again he seems to only settle with some food.

    Does anyone have any suggestions of how I can settle DS instead of giving him a feed. He's never been a fan of rocking and I've tried a dummy, singing, patting, night light, letting him try to self-settle.

    Or should I just let him decide when to drop the feed and start sleeping through? Any idea when this might happen? I'd love to not have to get up to DS when we bring our next bub home in August!


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    Subscribing as I would love to hear what people think about this.

    I've been told wake to sleep technique or feeding water instead of milk, but have not tried as bubs is still a bit young and I'm too scared.

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    Honestly, I would just keep giving him the night feed until he drops it himself. At 8 months, solids are still just 'trying' textures etc and not completely nutritionally supportive/filling for a full 12 hr sleep.

    DD, now 20 months, dropped her night feed herself at about 15 months. She still
    Occasionally needed it due to medical issues that prevented her being able to eat the right amount of solids.

    With the rolling in hi sleep thing, DD, again used to do the same thing. I used her sleep positioner from when he was really little (could adjust it to fit her). I only used it for a few weeks and then she got annoyed with it but also had figured out how to roll from front to back so she was fine after that.


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    Hi OP,

    I was in a bit of a different situation, but night weaned DS at around 9 months. He had been waking 1 - 2 hourly for 5 months, and was only comfort sucking to get back to sleep. He's breastfed, so I reduced the time of his feeds over about a week (similar to what you're doing with reducing the bottle amount), and then stopped feeding and would pick up and rock back to sleep (or bounce with him on the fitball), then gradually reduced the time of rocking and settled in his cot, eventually just settling in his cot without picking up.

    To be honest, if your DS is only waking once for a feed, and is unsettled for hours after if you give him a smaller feed, it sounds like he still needs it. You could try offering water instead, I tried this and it infuriated DS. You could also try getting your OH to settle bub, I have heard of this working for many people.

    With the rolling in his sleep he should eventually learn how to get himself back, but you could try a sleep positioner in the meantime (not sure how well they work for a bigger baby??).


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