Hi my name is Karen, I am a second year midwifery student studying at Charles Darwin University and would welcome the opportunity to share a Darwin women’s pregnancy journey. As part of my studies I have the privilege of taking part in the “Follow Through Program” which supports women throughout their pregnancy.

This journey involves regular contact with you throughout your pregnancy and accompanying you to your scheduled qualified midwife/ doctor/obstetrician antenatal appointments, possibly attending your birth (optional) and accompanying you to your postnatal visits. Your pregnancy is your journey therefore it is completely up to you how much involvement you are happy with. I have two children of my own and experienced two very different pregnancies, labors, birth and postnatal care; however the one thing that I would really have appreciated was a friend who was more knowledgeable than me that I could ask those silly questions that we think of but don’t always ask our midwife.

My role is to provide you and your family with support whilst I gain hands on experience in order to become a caring, patient and knowledgeable midwife. I am hoping that this relationship is not a one off and having shared such a wonderful experience that our friendship will continue to evolve.

It is a voluntary program and you are able to pull out of at any given time without explanation. If you are interested, or know of someone who may like extra support and friendship during their journey, please contact me at karen.gall@students.cdu.edu.au or 0415 757 580. I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully meeting up to discuss in more detail.