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    I don't think I'd have a problem honestly.

    It so happens that my mum unknownly used her best friends girls name as my name and when they met back up after 3 years (remember no facebook or mobile phones lol) it was a suprise and it was the same unique spelling.

    But we grew up together and it's never made a void between anyone and we are pretty much like sisters and we nicknamed ourself jelly and jay.

    If my son's name was used by someone not out of spite but by accident I'd not care really. If it was out if spite then I'd be more then willing to ignore them even if they were family.

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    I know it's irrational but yes, I'd be annoyed, if it was someone who I knew & saw at least semi-regularly. My dd's name is very unusual and my ex and his GF named their daughter the same name! I was weirded out. He was the first person I ever slept with and they both still live in my hometown & I have to see them around multiple times a year when I visit.


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