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    I went to a normal morning session at the cinema with my newborn DS last week and it was absolutely fine.

    He just breastfed and then slept through the whole film while I cuddled him. He is a pretty laid back baby though who doesn't cry much.

    There were also only about half a dozen people in the cinema with no one in our row as it was a weekday at 10am.

    I would say it depends on your baby and the type of film, eg. an action film may be too loud in parts.

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    Ive been to the movies where parents have brought their babies in...last one being Breaking Dawn.... in the loud parts the baby was screaming his poor head off & it was annoying because the mum didnt get up & take him out side.

    I totally agree that it is nice to do "normal" things, but I felt sorry for the baby with the loud noises and also the other patrons because they paid money to watch the film too without distraction...I also was enjoying a rare night out without my babies crying & had to listen to one anyway! LOL

    Hence why the babes in arms sessions are great.... not too loud, if bub cries no one minds.... win win

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    We go to Mum and Bubs session every week - it's our Thursday activity lol.

    When they're really little all she pretty much did was sleep and feed.

    Now she's a bit older she's content to watch the screen, play with her toys, sleep, eat but sometimes she'll get whingy and I'll have to get up to rock her to settle her.

    Haven't gone to a regular session with her yet, but I think we might when there is a movie that DH and I want to see (the Avengers is out soon!!!!).

    I agree with PP, I think as long as you take her out if she starts crying so you aren't disturbing everyone else in the cinema, it's fine.


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