My 2.5yo DS has always sucked his finger. Wasn't too worried about it, read that you should just let them grow out of it on their own, maybe encourage them to take up other forms of comfort like a fave teddy or something (which he is not interested in at all). I'm just wondering now whether maybe I should be doing something. The thing is I have noticed that his front tooth on the side he sucks is a bit crooked I think from the sucking. I realise it's only a baby tooth but still concerned, don't know whether it's a problem. Also I've been trying to encourage him to take it out when he talks just so i can understand him better and he pronounced some of the words just as he does with his finger in his mouth when I did it yesterday, ie. not closing the front of his mouth. He doesn't always do this but it conserned me from a speech development point of view.

We parent gently and I'm not going to punish him for it when it's always been ok for him to comfort himself in that way but just interested to hear from others on the subject.

Thanks for reading .