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    Default I love my obstetrician - wanted to share a good story

    Hi guys

    Have been wanting to share a good news story about OB's for a while now as there only really seems to be bad ones out there. Whilst I realise that not every doctor is as wonderful as mine, I wanted to let first time mums know that you don't need to be skeptical of all of them and it doesn't necessarily lead to a caesar.....not every doc just wants to go play golf (This isn't meant to be the story of my daughters birth, but I've given heaps of detail of the lead up so you can understand why I credit my OB so much).

    My obstetrician was the most caring and supportive person I could imagine to have been part of our experience, and both my hubby and I were absolutely thrilled. I did want to have a natural birth, however I wasn't completely fixated on it and I had a sneaking suspicion I might not be able to as my mother and aunty had both had emergency caesars with their kids after long labours.

    But I'm so pleased to say that despite even the midwives saying they thought I would need a caesar, I had my little girl naturally due to my obstetrician's support and advice. I was induced due to post dates (however I was totally fine with this and I am actually of the opinion that I would rather the baby come out than take the (minor?) risk that there could be a complication as a result), and I was very uncomfortable with a bad back by this point. So the plan was she'd be born at 41 weeks however because her head was turned at a funny angle (we later found out), she wasn't fully pressing on the cervix and it took three attempts with the Prostaglandin gel before I went into labour. I was induced first on thursday night at 6 pm, then given a couple of sleeping tablets, and sent back to the maternity ward to get some sleep. The plan was to break my waters in the morning, and then I had asked my OB to give me a couple of hours before starting the drip to see whether my body would do enough on its own to avoid the drip. She was absolutely fine with this and said she would support me in it but that in her opinion she felt that the drip would probably end up being started after those couple of hours.

    Unfortunately on friday morning when she came to do the ARM at 7 am, I was not dilated at all, and she couldn't even reach my waters to break them. I was just about in tears but she said not to worry that we would just try a second dose and she would come back later that date. She applied the second lot and then encouraged me to walk around the hospital to try and get things going. During that day I peppered all the midwives with questions about what would happen if dose # 2 didn't work. They all told me "Don't worry dear, the second dose always works". When I pressed them to give me the realistic scenario if it didn't, they virtually all agreed I'd probably end up with a caesar.

    When my OB came back at about 3 that afternoon, I did cry when she told me it hadn't worked. She was so supportive and gave me a few minutes to digest the news while she patted my knee. I then asked her what that meant, did I have to have a C-section? She said that was one option, but that we could try a third dose or send me home from hospital for the weekend to give my body a couple of days to do what it could and come back on sunday. I immediately felt a huge sense of relief and asked her what she thought. She suggested I go home for the weekend which I did (and did hours of walking!).

    I had to come back in the next day to be monitored for 20 mins, and while I was there one of the midwives said she'd be happy to try a stretch and sweep. I was willing to try anything at this point and said that was fine with me, but when she phoned my OB she was very firm that she felt I needed to let my body rest to see what would happy when I came back in on the sunday night for dose # 3 of the gel.

    Sunday night rolled around and I came in feeling pretty deflated and resigned to a caesar but the OB had been happy to let me try dose # 3 of the gel. The midwife applied it and I told her very firmly to make sure she got the gel where it needed to get to no matter how much it hurt me! I sucked on the gas soooooo hard, but I was so happy that it worked and within minutes I was in labour! woo hoo! Long story short, I laboured through the night and requested an epidural at 6 am. The OB came in at about 7:30 and I was 4 cms which was met with a crowd of cheers from me, hubby, my mum and the midwife. She asked if it was ok with me that we do ARM and the drip, given I was already bed bound with the epi I agreed and at 1:40 pm that afternoon I gave birth to my beautiful girl after only 30 mins of pushing.

    Anyway, this thread wasn't about posting my birth story, but an example of how sometimes your OB's are the very reason you DO manage to have the birth you want. Even now the midwives all say they assumed I would need a caesar, however my OB's determination to relax and give my body a chance to rest and to give that magic dose # 3 a go is why I am able to proudly say I had the birth experience I wanted.

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    And I think its wonderful you posted the story in light of a good OB, thats what it should be like - to trust a doctor and get the best possible treatment for yourself. Yeah you for having found the right person!

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    Good on you! Lovely story!

    I also loved my OB but maybe a little too much! If I wasnt already married, hed be in trouble!! LOL!

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    Oh how beautiful. I love my Ob as well! Right from the start of the pregnancy she was very pro natural birth, and was confident that I would have a great birth with little intervention, and although I did end up with ARM and on the drip the birth was amazing and she was just wonderful. One of the midwives was much more negative actually, I think she just assumed that I'd end up having a c-section.

    Anyway, it's all about trust in your caregiver and I wish that all women had the trust in their caregivers that I had with my Ob.


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