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    Default a question for those with school age children who buy SCHOOL UNIFORMS.......

    I work at the public school my children (5 & 7) attend and we are considering changing our uniform supplier,I am wondering if anyone has a School Uniform, that they are happy with the quality and price??I can look at as many catalogues and websites from different suppliers that all say the quality & price is great but as a parent I know the true test is after 6 months of washing, drying and wear!So I thought asking other parents was the best way to go. Some of the issues I have with the curent uniform is small neck sizes on hooded jumpers (for my large headed kids!), arms tend to be long and body short on jumpers, high price of summer dresses.I hope the lovelly bubhub community can help, I must admit I havnt posted for a while not since I lived on the 'how to get my baby to sleep' and 'sleep deprivation' pages! very glad to say everyone helped me very well with that!!thanksnic

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    Our uniforms are $85 each (excluding hat, shoes and tracksuit) but dd has had over 3 years in the same ones and has just now started to outgrow the pants which are still in perfect condition. She keeps her uniform on until she has a shower, too.


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