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    Default Extremely Scared of Noises

    My 2yr old (and 5mths) runs for a cuddle terrified, at noises -
    Noises that I cannot even hear! Like a mower/car/plane in the distance - a car door shutting next door - or my voice when I am on the phone!
    (If I call for her dad who is in the other room she RUNS to me TERRIFIED)
    I do not know what sparked it - the fear has gotten worse lately -
    The childcare told me that a guy went in to fix the airconditioner and made a loud noise - and she has been teary there since (2 or 3 weeks..).
    She now despises going there.
    Have you heard of this?
    Is there any way I can make her fear go away?

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    The first thing I'd be doing is getting her hearing tested. Maybe there is an inner ear infection or something which hurts with loud noises??

    Or maybe she's just sensitive to sounds... perhaps warning her first "DD this is going to be loud".. maybe buying her a little beanie with the ear flap things...

    It's hard to say at this age, but it sounds very much like a sensory issue. Is she particular about anything with her other senses? Won't eat something because of the smell or texture? Won't wear something because of the feel? Doesn't like being touched or wants to have lots of physical sensations?

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    My dd went through something similar at the same age, not as extreme though.
    I just kept reassuring her and explaining what each sound was and why it was nothing to be afraid of.
    It lasted probably a good 6 months. She's nearly 3 now and noises don't bother her anything like they used to.
    Hopefully for you too, it'll be something she grows out of.


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