I've found myself in the same situation as 2 years ago when I weaned my then 20month old because my milk dried up because of pregnancy. I'm now 16 weeks pregnant and I've decided it's time to wean my 3rd baby who is now 22months old, my milk has dried to a mere drizzle and since stopping my breasts haven't filled up at all. It's been 6 nights of no breastfeeding and I feel like crying all the time, I feel really depressed over quiting, I'm fighting the urge to scoop up my little boy and give him a breastfeed. He's so angry at me too. *sigh*
My family doesn't understand what I'm giving up, they all say "he's too old for it anyway" "he doesn't need that" and "about time you stopped feeding that boy"

I'm just seeking out support here from women who know what it's like to quit breastfeeding and how difficult and emotional it is. I feel like no one in my life understands.