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    Quote Originally Posted by Rachell View Post

    Would they prefer we had a pram like this one?
    It's gold plated and $60,000...
    Ha ha ha whoa

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    Without retracting my earlier comments, I just had a flashback to a pram stereotype moment with my partner.

    When my son was 1, my partner used to take him to swimming lessons on a day I had to take the car to work, so he would catch the bus, but he found it awkward to take the pram (strider) on the bus due to its size, so he struggled with the Ergo and the wet stuff and nappy bag etc.

    Anyway, I suggested he buy a $20 umbrella stroller from kmart for this weekly bus trip (He's 6 ft 3 so it probably wouldn't have worked anyway). But he was horrified and said that people would think he was a deadbeat dad taking his child for his brief weekly contact, and he may as well just put on a wifebeater singlet and crack a beer and smoke a cigarette over the stroller. He obviously has a very clear stereotype of cheap umbrella strollers.

    Oh well, more fool on him. I think he ended up walking the extra kilometre to the citycat where there was lots of room for the pram.

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    I'm a regular on a pram forum (most likely the same one tha is in discussion here)

    I joined it 4yrs ago when my Valco Rad failed me - it began beeping whenever I went through security at the shops. It was so embarrassing! Thus began the search for the 'perfect' pram.

    I'm now the new Product Reviewer for the forum. I currently have 9 prams in my garage that I try out and write reviews for, so women like yourselves can save $ and buy the best pram for your needs. I'm branching out to Baby Carriers and Nappy Bags now too!

    Quote Originally Posted by NancyBlackett View Post
    My friend got heckled out of a home birth rally because she had an expensive pram. She was practically in tears when she made it to me.

    Apparently her two home births weren't enough to overcome her pram.
    I'm a Homebirther as well - I've had 2 VBAC's at home. I'm also studying to be an ABA counsellor.

    What some extremists forget is that AP is about doing what works for you and your baby. I have no problem pushing a pram of any value down the street, as long as it is safe for my baby and for my back.

    I'd love to answer any questions anyone has about prams

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    I needed a laugh today, so went for a quick look ,as someone who really couldn't care less about prams I had to get out of there before my eyes rolled out of my head

    No they're not judgey at all..............

    I was shocked on the amount of bugaboos and seeing a xplory walking past Umina Beach on Monday not something you really expect here.....but yes the cheaps prams are everywhere on the coast

    It was strider city at Westfield, my goodness they just seem to be breeding faster than the parents of the babies they carry

    I saw a strider plus using a garbage bag as a rain cover too, as in crinkled black bin bag covering the whole seat. O_O

    Oh the shame

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    Nope, no judging here. I don't think a pram necessarily says anything about the parent. An expensive pram could have been bought for them by someone else? Doesn't mean the parents are rolling in cash. Or the parents could have purchased an expensive pram as they saved money on other things they may have acquired cheaply or for free?

    It's pretty shallow to judge others who have cheaper model prams. As long as it works well and is safe then who cares?!!!

    I got given a perfectly good pram, so I didn't have to make a choice.

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    I found this linked through the thread on that forum and I must say I am appalled!!!!

    The fact that there is 11 pages on here Judging us 'over there', shows that we aren't the only ones that appear to be judging.

    The thread that is being judged here is not intended to poke fun at other peoples prams but rather convey what we have seen in our travels. There is some highly expensive prams are not worth the $$$ and some inexpensive ones that are great. If it suits your needs and is within your budget then buy it - I have prams ranging from $50 to over $2000 and they all get used, infact the $50 stroller gets used the most and the $$$ one (Emmaljunga Duo Combi) is stored away under the bed awaiting the time to be put back into action with another newborn.

    As for getting a life because we 'know' prams, we have lives - prams are just a common interest that we all share but there is so much more to each of us and the group as a whole, and as one of the regular member stated most of us would move heaven and earth to help each other.

    I am sure if you searched there is forums around for shoes, particular branded kids clothes, bags etc prams are just an interest/hobby - each to their own I say.

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    I'm going to close this for now at the request of the OP
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