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    Default Cairns Base Hospital?

    I had a plan set in my mind of how my pregnancy would go. I found a wonderful OB that I have been seeing for a month and I was planning on having my first baby at the Cairns Private Hospital.
    Today I have just found out that my private health insurer has basically 'screwed' me and I am left with no private health care at all, only medicare.

    I have only heard bad things about the Cairns Base, and now I am worried about sharing a room with a total stranger and not having my husband stay the night with me.

    Can someone who has been through Cairns base hospital please tell me about your experience there? I really need reassuring because I had this cozy idea in my brain that I would have my husband with me the whole time in our private room and he could help me through our first night as parents?

    Please excuse my ignorance, as I have no contact with my mother and no one around me to talk to. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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    I had my DD at CBH last March and it was great. I had gestational diabetes so was induced. I had the room to myself the first night and after giving birth at 8.30am DH was allowed to stay all day (normally it's no visitors between 1 and 3). There was a lady brought in not long after me but she was pretty quiet and left at 9am the next day. I then had the room again all day until 7.30 that night when another lady was brought in. I was initially nervous when DD wouldn't settle but the middies were fantastic and come and check on you and one even sat with me for 30 mins while I was trying to feed DD. At the end of the day we're all new mums together. I'm from the UK and my mum and sister were blown away with the level of care I was given before and after having DD. To be honest, it was a really busy time that day (about 8 bubs born that morning alone) so if it's quieter there's every chance you may end up with a room to yourself. Hope this helps you feel better x


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