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    Do they know it's only 700m?

    I can see that it might concern some parents if they didn't know how far the children were going.

    Heck, better an errant complaint than a missing child.

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    I just checked how far I walked to primary school when I was a kid. My sister and I (and every now and then a few friends) walked 1.5km to school and 1.5km back almost every day and this would have started when I was in grade 2 and my sister in grade 1. Once we were both confident on our bikes we'd ride most of the time instead.

    I don't like the idea of letting one child walk home alone, only because my understanding (might be wrong but anyway) is that child abductors normally target kids that are alone.

    But two kids? Who are both at the age to know about stranger danger? Wouldn't even bat an eyelid. I love seeing kids taking the time to walk to and from school. Reminds me of when I was a kid, I loved walking. So much so I seem to be going off topic sorry

    Anyway, no, I wouldn't complain. I can't wait for my kids (one of whom is still in my belly, so awhile yet) to go to school and are ready to walk themselves, it's such a wonderful sign of independence.

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    Just a devil's advocate on the whole "2 kids" theory.

    A few weeks ago, 3 girls were walking home from our local school.

    A p plater pulled up, grabbed the little 6 year old and sexually assaulted her.
    The other 2 girls were 12 and 9 and just looked on shocked.

    The guy got in the car and drove off.
    He was caught.

    Now I am not a fan of being scared of your own shadow, and want to believe that most kids are safe....but the mum of this little girl is so super vigilant, she warns EVERYONE. The school wont publish that it happened and neither will the papers...so she tells everyone.

    Maybe, this person is the same. Didnt mean it as a complaint, more of a warning.

    Maybe it is an old biddy...but there are always 2 sides...or more.

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    Beryls Mum - I can't believe the school won't publish it, that is absolutely terrible! When we've had any suspicious people approaching children after school where I worked, we would send out a note, eg, 'A child was approached by a man in a car last week and asked if she would like to come with him to meet his puppy dog. Please be extra vigilant with your children, and remind them of what to do if they are approached by someone suspicious.

    OP - I wouldn't comlain, and it does sound like someone has too much time on their hands. However, when I was teaching, I had a 5 year old run away from school, 15 minutes after the bell went & she hadn't been picked up yet. The teacher on duty didn't see her (with 200+ kids in the school, they can't notice everyone), and not one parent stopped her or asked her why she was going, or mentioned it to a teacher. She crossed 3 busy main roads in a very busy suburb near the city, before she was found. Thankfully she wasn't hurt, but she could have been, and if a parent noticed and said something, it can save a life. So perhaps a parent was just mentioning, 'just in case'?


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