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    Default Thickner making my baby put on too much weight


    Joined this forum as having many issues with my 6 week old baby. She is refluxy and not sleeping well. She is bottle fed and is taking karicare gold and i thicken it with the karicare thickener. It seems to work well...ish. SHe now wont take a bottle without hte thickner - she chokes and gurgles and it comes out her nose. But the thickner is making her put on double the weight each week she should. She is now 5kg at 6 weeks old. Thats on the 97th percentile for weight. Is anyone else finding this? I have an appoint with the pediatrician in two days time and maybe she might perscribe losec. Has anyone had good results from this? Will she be able to drink normal formula again or has she gotten used to it thickened and will always choke if its not thickened? Also did anyone else find their reflux baby just would not sleep much during the day? Shes a nightmare. Help....

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    The thickener doesn't seem to put weight on my DS, although we only use 1 spoon per bottle. How much are you adding? How much is your bub drinking?

    Regarding the gurgling without thickener - maybe try smaller teats and see how she goes. With thickener you generally need the fast or vary flow teats - try the slow teats without thickener and see if this helps maybe.

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    What PP said. Slower teat. I hope you can get some help.

    REgarding the sleeping. Do whatever it takes - sling or carrier to keep her upright. I liked the hugabub when DS was small.

    Keep her sitting up for a while after a feed.

    Rocker that is elevated

    Elevate the cot head end. I know I put beach towels under the head of the mattress and a long one rolled under his knees to 'banana'/ bend him. It takes the pressure off their belly. You can also buy a baby wedge that has sleep positioners. I am still deciding whether or not I would use one and if it is 'SIDS safe'. I also used a swing. Walks in the pram - dual benefit, you get outside.Pretty much whatever works. They do say that babies shouldn't be left unattended to sleep anywhere but a 'safe' cot.

    Good luck


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