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    Default Ipswich Hospital, gynecologist... Any one???

    I have just been refered to a gynecologist and bowel surgeon at Ipswich Hospital and I have a few questions to others that have seen a gyno at Ipswich.

    How long did you have to wait for an appointment?
    And how did you find them to be?

    i have been having problems with my periods for YEARS! And no dr has even been able to tell me what's going on.

    I went to new doctor today, she was in a private clinic and was fantastic!
    Did all sorts of tests, and checked everything possible.

    I have been having pain and bleeding after sex along with extremely heavy periods, I also bleed from my rectum a lot when period time hits (TMI sorry)

    She told me straight away she thought it was Endo. Which I'm familiar with because 3 of my sisters and my mother have it.

    She did a pelvic exam and had a good look at my cervix, she said my cervix was white and that she could see what looked like Endo tissue on my cervix, she also had a feel of my bowels and the seem to be "attached" to somthing, she preformed an ultrasound and found that my uterus was tilted back onto my pelvic bone and the lining of my uterus was extremely thick.
    Also my right ovary was hidden behind my uterus.
    2 of my sisters have also had Cervical cancer and she was concerned about my cervix being white, so she did all these tests on it (I have had about 10 pap smears this year, the have all came back fine, or inconclusive from the bleeding I get when the speculum is inserted)

    In the end she told me she was referring me to Ipswich Hospital, she will say its urgent but if the waiting period is to long she will put me through private health (we do have private health but with the problems I'm having they will only cover a little bit of the cost, so we want to try public first)

    I did have my daughter at Ipswich and found them to be fantastic for my birth and after my daughter was born (I had a Caesarian) but during my pregnancy they weren't that great.. I bled through out my pregnancy and they didn't seem to really care or look into it, I also had a few cysts when I was preg and they also didn't explain to me what was happening and they just didn't care all that much, they only really decided to check it out when one of the cysts burst.

    So I'm on the fence about going to Ipswich again.. I had good and bad experiences..
    So if I could please hear some of your stories that would be apprichiated.
    Thanks in advance

    Daughter> 03/02/2011
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