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    Thanks for all your input, so far.

    We'd have to move about 4ish suburbs out to get an affordable decent house and land.

    It just feels like when I drive through those suburbs, I never see anyone on the street, and the shops are full of old greek ladies (I have nothing against them, just not in replacement of young mums). I wonder where everyone is? Are there groups of mums having awesome catch ups hidden in back yards? Or are there community halls on back streets where mums hang out? Or is everyone working? Have they driven back to my suburb for some good coffee? Or do other mums just stay home with their kids all day? I'm just not sure if my expectations are realistic...

    I just don't want to end up being stuck in a big house with a big yard, with two kids and no friends!

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    Can you look up the demographics of your suburb vs the new one online? I looked ours up somewhere, it tells you the average age, income, profession, home ownership etc. If it says lots of young people then there must be mums somewhere, but I guess you need to find out if they are all working to pay off the massive Sydney mortgage!

    Before we lived here we lived in a couple of more expensive (beautiful) suburbs and I was bored out of my brain. Are your kids at school, thats how I met a lot of my friends around here. And yeah we do hang out in the backyard a bit lol!

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    If i were you, i would stay where you are as long as possible. We live in an outer suburb, an hour north of Brisbane and i have a very love/hate relationship with our area.
    Things I love:
    Affordable housing
    Lots of parks
    Close to shopping centre
    Close to my part time job ( I cycle)
    Close to family
    Great playgroup

    Thing I hate:
    Very car-centric, I get abused by motorists nearly every time I cycle to work
    No nice restaurants/cafes/eateries
    No 'culture' or 'community'
    Lots of cheap rentals, therefore high 'turnover' of residents.
    Lots of bogan/dero types due to low cost of living.

    Having said that, the ladies I have met from my mothers group are lovely and have similar mindsets to myself and my DP.

    I still yearn to move back to the inner city, but I know it is extremely unlikely.

    Milky mumma since July 2011


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