Hi ladies,
I had a hysteroscopy/polypectomy/d&c procedure done at the start of Feb.
The operation was done just before AF was due, and two days after I started to bleed. It was fairly light and only lasted two days. I am pretty sure it was AF.

I have now just gotten AF again except this time it is REALLY heavy. Started off normal yesterday but today it is horrible
Does anyone know if this is normal after having a polyp removed? I am a little worried as everywhere I read (and also from what FS told me) the periods following a polyp removal should be very light. FS said I would probably only have spotting!
I hope nothing serious is going on. I don't go in to see my FS till next Tuesday. I am also meant to start gonal f injections on Wednesday for IUI but I don't want to start them to find out that there is something wrong going on inside and have to cancel the cycle.
I started clomid a few months ago only to find out that I had the polyp and had to sit out a few cycles till it was removed! Definitely don't want a repeat of that....

If anyone wants to share their experiences then that would be fab, might help put my mind at ease a little

Thanks girls!xxx