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    Default Due today!

    This turned out to be a bit of a whinge, but I also have some questions down below if you care to read on - thank you girls

    So today is my due date and I would really appreciate this baby to make her entrance to the outside world NOW! DS was one day early, so I was hoping DD here would go a bit earlier still. Nope, she's hanging in there... Maybe its because she's a girl?
    She hasnt engaged yet either, but DS never did and I still went into labour. Never mind it didnt really work out. Anyhow, I would like to go for a nice long walk, climb some stairs but IT IS TOO BL**DY HOT! DP has taken DS to the pool so I had "some time alone" but other than relaxing me, it doesnt do anything. Neither does nipple stimulation. All I drink is raspberry leaf tea these days, but I dont hink that brings on labour, it might help though when it hits, right?
    Ocassionally I do get light period like pains, but I think they are more from DD moving up and down in my pelvis. When I do get them I tend to worry its my scar...

    Anyone else due, overdue or due in the next days? Especially VBAC mums, do you get those pains around your scar area? Are they normal? And what does contraction pain actually feel like? My last labour was posterior back labour only, so where does it normally hurt? All over the belly, just down low????

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    I can't help u with the vbac stuff but my contractions started off just feeling like niggly period pains. The pain was most intense down low near the undie line.
    Good luck, I hope your bubba arrives soon and smoothly!

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    I can't help u with the vbac stuff but my contractions started off just feeling like niggly period pains. The pain was most intense down low near the undie line.
    I was in denial for a while and didn't believe that what I was feeling were contractions as I expected to be in pain across my belly, but the pain was very low. Started off like period cramps and just got really intense and 'grabby'. But I had light period like cramps on and off from about 35 weeks and DS was born at 38.

    Good luck! I never made it to my due date but two days before DS was born I slept, and had a long bath and a chat to DS.


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