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    fingers crossed this is the one for you. ive done most of my cycles knowing about the ana and aca and done clexane the last two chemicals so that doesnt work for me. hope it does for you though.. i have moderate endometriosis i think that doesnt help the mix either!
    good luck!

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    I am in the exact same boat as you. I have had 5 chemicals using 2 different egg donors. We even tried 2 different surrogates. They either had a MMC, chemical or BFNs. Embryos tested PGS and have been normal (although not all were tested so a couple of losses could have been due to aneuploidy. I also have ACA and ANA! Have tried blood thinners, IVIG, intralipids all with no luck. Always implant and then fizzle off. One Doc here in Canada said my ACAs likely had nothing to do with it although he is retesting my ANA because if that's still positive, it could be 'a problem'. I have my results overview with him April 4. I would love to connect with you!. Only other common denominator is DH sperm although the last transfer I did, his embryo was graded the highest (we did some donor sperm too just for comparison and to have as 'back up'). It was new egg donor(has 2 young children of her own naturally), and my DH sperm and it was highest marks based on EEVA scoring. I am having another chemical with that embryo. I am debating trying again myself with donor sperm embryo (its all we have anyway), or skipping me, and going back to trying it in a surrogate. This is HORRIBLE. I would love to know if you ever had any luck


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