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    Default 6 month only wants to drink 450ml of formula a day

    I'm at the end of my wits. Since she was 5 months old, my baby started to refuse her milk. Taking about 450ml during the day so I woke her up at 10pm to give her more milk to ensure that she takes at least close to 600ml. She used to take about 900-1000ml a day when she was 4 months old.

    She is not teething and I went to a paediatrician when she was 5.5 months old who told me to start solid. Now that she is on solid (2-3 times a day), she has been taking 450 ml since last week. In the morning after she wakes up, she only wants to take 50ml of formula. I thought that she should be hungry but she only drinks until she is not hungry, I think.

    Weight wise, she has always been in the 95th percentile since she was born. I am not so worried about her weight gain but more of calcium intake and dehydration.

    How much do/did your 6 months old baby drink per day? i was told that the minimum is 600 but it is so hard to do and she can't be forced. SHe will cry and try to break free if I try to give her more milk. I feed her every 4 hours during the day. I tried a 5 hour gap with the same result. I'm so lost

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    I wouldn't force her :-)
    she is obviously a girl who knows what she wants :-)
    my Lil boy is 5 and half months. he wakes and is not starving at about 9am.
    i give him 1 wheat soft bix with a sippy cup of water and maybe half hour to hour later will have a bottle. 2oo ml
    at lunch he will have a mashed banana or puree fruit salad with his water again.
    and same goes half hour to hour later has a 2oo ml bottle.
    dinner he has puree veges, with water and a 2oo - 25o ml bottle after his bath when he is ready to sleep.
    sometimes he will want another bottle if unsettled. so my boy does have 600 - 850ml of milk every day.
    if your girl is full off of her food, i wouldn't worry to much. :-)
    what formula do you use?
    Have you tried giving her water? :-)


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