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    Default Self settling

    I have massive sleep issues with my DS1 relying on us for sleep, so I'm trying to teach DS2 the skill of self settling. He is now 5 months. He has a dummy and we using a wrap me up. I put him into the cot and depending on if I've judged the timing right sometimes goes straight to sleep. Other times I pop him and leave the room. He grizzles an moans a bit and when it starts to escalate I go and put his dummy back in give him a pat and a sush and leave again. Sometimes he moans and grizzles quite loudly but I never leave him to actually cry. The grizzling and moaning does not sit well with me and I always have to fight the urge to go to him and help him go to sleep, but I seriously would not survive having to sit next to two toddlers and pat them off to sleep. Do you think there is any harm in leaving him settle this way?

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    Having just been through this with my DD (feeding to sleep), breaking the habit is manageable. She self-settles now by sucking her fingers/thumb through her angel wrap. Yes, there was/is grizzling but 75% of the time, she doesn't need our assistance and it has only been a week since we changed our habits.

    I don't want to hear DD cry and rarely do (intervening when her grizzles get to a certain point) but changing a habit is possible. I had the support of sleep school to help me in this do that might be something to consider.

    If he is dependent on the dummy and you have to keep putting it in to help him settle try the Pantley Pull Out (flicking it out just as he is falling asleep).

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    Hi OP, sounds like you are taking a very similar approach to me. I don't personally think there is any harm in letting a baby grizzle a little as they are putting themselves to sleep, but I do not leave my DS to cry. If the grizzles start to escalate I go in and soothe him and go out again once he is quiet. I mostly use pick up/put down as I don't find patting/stroking to be as effective but every bubs is different. For day sleeps we play a relaxation cd and have a cuddle before I put him down as I found it helps to calm him down before a sleep.

    I am trying to find the balance between giving DS freedom and independence to learn, whist providing him with the ongoing love and care to nurture him. I hope it is working. :-)

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