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    Question TTC with Herbs.. Anyone else?

    Hi ladies,

    I am on CD8, first cycle TTC and I have been hunting around like a mad woman trying to speed this mission up lol. I did a lot of research and looked into certain herbs and tinctures and their boost on fertility and conception. I have heard nothing but the best about Maca, google it.. It's bloody brilliant, I've got DP on it too! Hehe. Im taking 3000-3500mg's of that a day and I went to a naturopath and she made me up a tincture, which is a liquid form of the certain herb your wanting to take, it tastes horrible but apparently tinctures get into your body faster and work a lot faster then herbs in pill form. So my tincture has in it: Dong Quai, Chaste Tree, Shatavari and Cramp Bark. Maca and Shatavari are apparently like a baby within 3 month formula, my naturopath recommended them 100%. So fingers crossed anyway! .

    Anyone else going down the herbal path?.. If so, what are you taking and how much of it are you taking? Also, any BFP's from the herb path?.. If so, what were you taking and how much of it were you taking? And the big one, how long after you started taking the herbs did you get yourself a BFP?
    Id love to hear stories .

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    macca root powder here , been its one of the few u can take Up till u get a pfp i thought was great , i started on 1 teaspoon a day an went up to 2 teaspoons , I planed 5 days before AF due to get off it an rest till my AF's started. dp was on it for a little bit i was on it 6 wks , 2nd month of been on it feel preg

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    Hi, I am on my first cycle of TTC bub number 2. I haven't got myself some macca yet but I took it (one capsule a day) for 2 months before getting my BFP last time. That was after trying without it for a long long time. I definitely think it had something to do with it


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