My name is Louisa Carrera and i am a student midwife at UniSA in adelaide. As apart of our program we need to follow the pregnancies of 20 women within the 3 year coarse. This involves me attending antenatal appointments (Public or private), the birth and postnatal appointments. I am in second year and am so eager to learn and develop my skills. Most of the time i will be observing and i am there for an extra support for women and their families. I have already been actively involved in a number of births and have "caught" or received the baby at birth (this is midwifery language for delivering a baby).If anyone women would be interested in me following their beautiful journey please email me: carly015@mymail.unisa.edu.au. I am able to travel to most metropolitan areas and hospitals in Adelaide including; The Womens and Childrens Hospitals, Lyell McEwin Hospital, Flinders Medical centre, Burnside War memorial hospital, Ashford Hospital, Calvary hospital, Modbury Hospital and Noarlunga Hospital.

Louisa Carrera