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    Default Risotto

    Hey I love Risotto's, but have never made one myself. Is their anyone willing to help me out and share a step by step fail safe lol.... Yummy Recipe.....

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    I made my first risotto last week and it turned out really good. I used a taste.com.au recipe, there were lots on there. I chose an oven baked cheese one and I added capsicum, asparagus and procuitto.

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    Hi Lovepurplebutterflies.
    I make risotto all the time.
    For 2 people plus a toddler, I use about a cup of arborio rice. Remember arborio rice usually triples in size.

    Pop a largish saucepan on medium heat. I use a generous amount of oil 1 or 2 tbsp. You need to remember you want all the rice covered with oil when you fry it off. I chop up 1 onion and a bit of garlic and sauté that. If using bacon or a meat you want to fry off I add it now too. I then add the rice and let it toast for a bit. Let it cook for about a minute. You will smell it toast a bit. Deglaze the pan with some wine - 1/2 cupish.
    Stir the risotto gently and let the wine absorb.
    For this amount of risotto, and even for a cup more, I use a litre pack of liquid stock. Make sure you have this in another saucepan gently simmering, or at least hot. You don't want to add cold liquid to the pan as you will be cooling the mixture down all the time and it won't cook properly.
    When the wine has absorbed, add a ladle of stock to the pan and stir while it absorbs. You will get the picture eventually how often you need to stir it. Once this has absorbed, add another ladle until the stock is gone or your rice is cooked. If your rice is not yet ready and you have run out of stock, I boil the kettle with some water and get it into the stock saucepan and use that.
    When you have added your first ladle of stock, you can add your veggies if you want. If I am making a mushroom and asparagus risotto I add the mushrooms at that stage and add the asparagus at a time closer to it being ready to eat. If I am making a risotto with chook in it I usually add it now as well and let the chook poach in the risotto.
    You will know when the risotto is ready, as it almost kind of pulsates in a glob in the saucepan Remember to keep it wet and moist though, and not get too gluggy or dry. I generally chuck chopped parsley through at this stage too, or any other herb you want to use.
    When you think the risotto is al dente, pull it off the stove (this part I owe to Jamie Oliver). Add loads of parmesan cheese, and a big fat knob of butter. Stir through until butter and cheese melted. Add another ladle of hot stock or water and stir through. It should be quite wet.


    I LOVE risotto.

    Mushroom and asparagus

    Chicken Pumpkin and zucchini

    Chicken, pea and leek (no onion) and I use sweet vermouth with this one instead of wine.

    Flavour options are endless.

    Jamie Oliver had a really yummy mushroom one in his "at home" book.

    I have also made a tuna and tomatoes one, and a place I use to work at made chilli prawn risotto.

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    We had risotto for dinner last night!
    I have made it on the stove millions of times, but I have found this Donna Hay recipe for an oven baked risotto and find that it is a million times easier and actually works out better for me.
    You can really put anything into it that you fancy, but the pancetta, sweet potato and sage is good. Last night we had sweet potato, fetta, parmesan, pinenuts and peas (was meant to be spinach, but spinach had gone bad in the fridge!)


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