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    I'd avoid crunches altogether to avoid your abdominal muscles separating. That's not to say you can't or shouldn't do abdominal exercises, just more transverse abdominis targeted. I would also avoid high impact to prevent joint injury as ligaments become lax and you have a higher risk of injury. The other thing you might have to avoid is a lot of loaded single leg stuff like a stepper to avoid pelvic pain. In terms of your heart rate, you just need to be sensible and work at a rate where you can still hold a conversation. I am a physio but am speaking mostly from personal experience. I went to the gym right up until 40 weeks. I used mostly machine weights (not at the very end) and mostly upper body. The main thing is listen to your body!

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    I was told by my ob, PT and fitness instructors I could do everything I did before pregnant, while pregnant

    Only thing was to drop back in weights and from like 6 months don't do any chest working lying on my back. They also suggested staying in the gym as its air con and I wouldn't get too hot

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    Spin is a fabulous exercise for pregnancy. You just have to remain seated and make sure you don't rock on the seat. No standing. Its very safe and very beneficial if done right.

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    yippee. awesome! thanks

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    The first thing I did when I fell was hire a PT at the gym who specialises in pre-natal He did up a program for me that was mostly weights with 15 minutes of cardio at the end, I was planning to do that 3 times a week plus one body balance. He was very strong on the 140 bpm rule. Then ms hit and I hardly did the program at all!

    Now I'm further along and the ms has gone so I'm back at the gym. I am aiming to do the weights program twice a week and I'm starting prenatal yoga this week. Body balance is great but I have found there's a few things I'm not meant to do and I have to make a lot of adjustments, so I think I'm just going to stick with the yoga for now as I won't have to think so much. I also found I missed my real cardio, so I've added back in a 5km run once a week. It's not a very hard run - my friend and I can still chat a fair bit. The dr said it's less about 140 bpm and more about overheating and hurting your joints. So I carry lots of water with me, take breaks when I need, and keep an eye on my HR - I don't let it go over 170. In April I'm doing two fun runs and after that am planning to stop running and start swimming instead. I may do a bit of outdoor cycling. I also do a dance class once a week which isn't too hard core, and walk the dog most days.

    I know there's other women at the gym who keep doing a lot of attack and RPM but I find it difficult to go "easy" in those classes and especially in the small room for RPM I think I'd overheat in a second! Getting some tips for weights is a good idea and what ab exercises to do. As a gym junkie I think this has been one of the hardest adjustments for me so I think it's great to prepare beforehand!

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