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    Default I need help with this project im doing ASAP

    Hi everyone,

    I have been pulling my hair out trying to work at this question, I then searched part of it and it wasnt much help.I have read different posts on this and im still stuck i sort of have an idea but when i started writing it , It just didnt seem right.

    For the community service sector in which you work or are intending to work describe some of the cultural, historical, access and equity issues with which you might be confronted. Explain how you could deal with these issues and how you would ensure that the rights of diverse people and their communities can be up-held.

    Utilise workplace examples to support and explain your responses and provide, where possible, evidence that shows the steps you have taken (or will take), in a workplace, to address such issues.
    Community service workers will interact with a wide variety of clients and co-workers from a range of cultural and experiential backgrounds.

    You must, therefore, be aware of:
    ◦the role of diversity in the workplace
    ◦methods of accommodating diversity
    ◦access and equity issues that relate to their own area of work
    ◦cultural, historical, access and equity issues that could be specific to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities
    ◦other issues that might face Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities

    You must demonstrate the ability to work, communicate and negotiate with a range of people from different cultural groups.

    Im completely stuck! Is someone else about to put more light on to this..

    Im needing it finished by today so i can submit it by tomorrow. I have been stuck on it since friday.

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    I am too studying and have this question to contend with. I'm finding some of this really hard with not being out there in the workplace. I have carried out internet search after search.

    Cultural Issues - Language (english as second language), Dress, Inclusion/Isolation, Religious Beliefs/Holidays
    Historical Issues - Not sure on this one, maybe history in way of traditions?
    Access Issues - Thining of people with dissabilities
    Equity - Rich/Poor peoples socioeconomic status

    If you have any other ideas i'd love to hear them. My head is hurting!!


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