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    Default Reflux formula

    I was told our bub had reflux from 2weeks old. We tried everything to make it better. Finally put her on novlac reflux formula at 3weeks and that seemed to work wonders and be our life saver. Now she is 12weeks old we seem to be back to square one. Throwing up everywhere etc.... Reflux has returned etc. I'm unsure if she has become "immune" (not the right word) to the reflux formula or what. Not sure what to do? Keep her on that formula or try something else.

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    There is an excellent book called "Colic Solved" that explains what reflux is and the different causes and treatments.

    Is your baby on any medications? You might need to take them back to the dr.

    Throwing up can be just a developmental thing, as their digestive system develops, but if they are unsettled or have other symptoms due to the reflux it might be worth trying medication.


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