Hello Everyone ,
My post today, is basically my story about having polycystic ovarian syndrome, what my journey was like, and how i decided to make a facebook support page because I know how hard living with poly cystic ovarian syndrome is like.
I have been with my partner for 17 months nearly, when we first got together we knew that we were just meant to be, we started trying when we were only 4 weeks into our relationship, we got engaged then, and we were just so happy! i moved in with him 2 weeks before christmas 2010. Everything was going good, except, when i realized hang on... its been two months since i got my last monthly........ so we tested, and it was a big fat negative
.we were so upset, but we knew that we couldnt let it stop us! i ended up going to my GP, where he sent me for my blood tests and told me to wait for the results before the ultra sound,so we did. my bloods were fine, except for my hormone levels which were just out of hand...... my ultra sound the following week broke my heart. i had 20 + cysts in my ovaries.. right and left... i went home that day, lied in bed, curled up in a ball, and just cried. i was blaming it all on me! i was the fat one, the one who was infertile the one who did this to me! there was no one else to blame BUT ME i basically did not get out of bed for the next 2 weeks, lived on weetbix and milk for breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and before dinner, for dinner i picked at my food, i ended up weighing myself and i was down to 105 kilograms. my starting weight was 108 kilograms...so i lost 3 kilo grams from no excersizing at all and eating fibre and milk day in day out... months passed, went to the gynocologist, there was a 2 month period there where i did think i was pregnant, and i just craved all this bad food and so i ate it. i found out i wasnt pregnant ... and i was 111 kilograms.. i was so shocked. i got told i was too fat to become a mother!!! so i just left it. now its 2012 fresh year!!! and even if i havent lost that much weight, i used to fit in size 18,20,22..... pants and size 20 shirts...... im now in size 14,16 shirts, and size 18 pants...... im still 110... but if your clothes fit you properly then you must have lost something! i have NO SUGAR, NO SOFT DRINKS! VEGIES AND FRUITS. and if i crave soft drink i recommend SODA WATER!!! and loaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaads of YOGHURT. it helps so much!! its amazing, i am soooooo proud of myself!! BTW i was embarrassed 6 months ago when i tried on my wedding dress and it was a size 22 or 24.... i will now be going back to try another one on.
i also run a facebook page. here it is please feel free to join <3