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    Question Baby is stiff when picked up.

    Hey guys

    My baby is a few days shy of 5 months old, but 4 months adjusted age (he was prem).

    I've noticed for a while that when he's picked up, like just under the arms or whatever, his body stiffens and his back arches slightly - his legs are dead straight. And when I pick him up like that and hold him up to me with his head looking over my shoulder he doesn't relax and conform to my body like a baby usually would for cuddles/comfort, his tummy is against me and his legs are sticking out away from me. I have to actually use my other arm to push his legs into me and he's still stiff even then.

    I only really became somewhat concerned about it at Gymbaroo today when we were doing an exercise with the babies where we held them under their arms and swung them gently between our legs. All of the other babies of varying ages were basically floppy and relaxed, just swinging gently, and my baby was stiff as always.

    .. any ideas?

    (I cross-posted this in the special needs sub-forum as well)

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    My DS has always done this from birth too! The midwives commented on how strong he was straight away, was always sitting up rigid unless laying across my arms.

    He's 6mths now and still doesn't sleep or relax on my shoulder. I envy other parents carrying their babies/kids like that and wish I had those cuddles

    I don't think it's anything to worry about though, unless there are other symptoms concerning you?

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    I'm not sure if it's the same thing, as my daughters only did it sometimes, but my DDs did similar. They would get stiff when picked up sometimes or carried a certain way. It had me worried because it would freak me rich out, but it turned out to be them being scared by the sudden fast moment, so they would go stiff with fright.


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