Hello to all the lovely mama's out there in Bubhub land!

I am currently completing my field education placement for social welfare at a youth and communities association in Ballina NSW. I have been given the task (as i am a mother of 4 little cherubs myself) to plan and facilitate a peer run mothers support group.

I am in the middle of planning and coming up with ideas for it and want people advice. I would like to know what topics would you like to cover if you were involved in such a group? What kind of guest speakers would you like to hear from, what goals would you like to acheive and what are some areas you would like support with as a mother.

We are also going to look at caring for mothers as individuals and i was thinking of running some programs or have services come in to promote mothers health and well being such as yoga or meditation..any other ideas?

Your views and input would be so helpful and I thank you muchly in advance.