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    we have 3 indoor cats, and will have a new baby in September.

    I don't foresee a problem. the main issue with cat hair is on the sofa, but we just vacuum it. Unless the baby is allergic, I don't think the hair will bother them.

    The only thing I'm concerned about are the cats lying on the baby's face when they're sleeping, but I think it's unlikely as they tend to sleep on the end of the bed or the sofa.

    I agree about extending their space though, as I've found our cats don't like our son much as he's loud and he chases them sometimes (we got them when he was under 2, but not a baby). We have recently catproofed our double garage, so they can go under there for refuge. I'm also thinking of cat netting the veranda, although it might look ugly, so maybe not. A cat run is a great idea as well.

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    Sian, you cant get rid of your mountain lions!...I mean cats! Your cats are awesome and love you too much!
    I think put a screen door on bubs room and that should be enough to ease you and DPs nerves about it.

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    Nooooooo don't get rid of them!!

    For me, my cats were like my babies before DD came along. I even brought them with me when I moved to Australia!

    We bought one of the canopy nets to go over the cot, but we never ended up using it as the cats wouldn't go anywhere near DD! And they never tried to jump up into her cot. I think they avoided anything to do with her for a while!

    Yes, she has had cat fluff in her mouth before, but by the time she was crawling (and therefore able to find some and eat it) it wasn't anything she was going to choke on.

    One of her first words was one of their names, and she looooves cats now. She's learned to be gentle when stroking them, and our cats have always been very gentle with her (and long suffering at times).

    They can definitely co-exist!


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