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    Default 11 days late, negative pregnancy test.

    Hi, I have been tracking my CM and on the 4-5 of feb I had EWCM after this I got quite stressed with my job, and hubby went over seas the week before af was due for 4 days, I ate a jar of jalipinos in 2 days on quich and salad and steak.
    when my af was late I assumed it was because of the stress, then I kept thinking I had light spotting but when I checked it was extra CM.
    the first w days of my missed af I had no PMS symptoms which I normally get real bad, just really tired and emotional -could be stress though.
    Lon Saturday the 25th when menstration should have been finishing I took a pregnancy test which was negative.

    Since then I have had constant mild lower back ache and slightly sore nipples, yesterday I got really queasy before lunch and thought I was going to throw up, it was like travel sickness, today I have been having this like pinching feeling really low and central in my abdomen where period pain normally happens and if I poke my fingers into my tummy there it feels really tender.

    The back pain is on a level where if I am busy I do not notice it unless I am carrying heavy stuff. Oh and I have noticed I think I am peeing a bit more.

    ...the thing is they are all really mild symptoms, the pregnancy test was not even faintly positive and I just always thought I would know if I was pregnant or not.

    We are not actively trying for a baby, I can not remember what we did that weekend, there is probably a very strong chance of precum.

    We would be happy if I was pregnant though, but I am just not sure what to do next, there are no strong symptoms...could I be pregnant?

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    The best way to know for sure would be to go to the doctors and get a blood test, that will give you a definite answer. It would be possible that it's still to early for it to show up on a test but like I said a blood test will tell you for sure I suspected pregnancy this month as my period was 2 weeks late and I had so many symptoms (never late!) So I thought I would test and I had many bfns. I went to the doctors and got a blood test which was neg for hcg so Im still here with no sign of AF. Its such a confusing time when you're in limbo and although my story isn't a positive one there are many out there who get bfp's on a test or through a blood test so its possible for sure Good luck!


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