Hi Ladies,

I'm 7DPO at the moment and for the past 2 days I've had really sharp pain in the region of my left ovary. I'm not sure if it maybe the left side of my uterus & it's radiating up so it seems like it's my ovary or it is in fact coming from my ovary.

The pain is stronger than the quick popping pain I get when I ovulate but is not horrifically bad either.

When I was shopping this morning I got the pain in my right ovary & then the left followed suit with pain spreading across my lower abdomen from both sides. This did almost make me double over but more from discomfort and the strange stretching sensation just above my public bone.

I've got a small amount of boob pain but not major. Af isn't due till the 10/3. HPT came up BFN with FMU today, but sure it's still to early.

Could this be implantation pain or even very early pregnancy pain? or does it sound like it maybe something more serious?