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    I started my girls around that age, they were both day time TT before 2, I think it is a great age to TT because they are so willing.

    I think the key for me was that I always told them when I was going to the toilet and had an open door policy, toddlers that age usually watch and want to copy, so I had the potty next to the toilet or in the bathroom. Then I would ask them if they wanted to try and made a game out of it/or rather something fun and exciting to try. So it was never about racing them there or making them feel pressured, I'd just let them play with it.

    Then I moved onto taking their nappies off totally during the day. So they quickly realised that needing to wee or poo meant they needed to go to the potty or toilet, or else it would go on the floor. The first few days it was all about accidents and I would do a "ohhh dear" hand on forehead expression with a smile. Then explain "oopsies, we can't do wee and poo on the floor" but all while smiling and making it a game. Then I would say "it's ok, lets clean it up" and we would clean it firstly just with toilet paper, putting the toilet paper in the toilet/potty and I would say "that's where the wee/poo goes! In there! Tell Mummy if you feel the wee/poo coming out and we can go on the toilet". So they quickly realised that to "win" at the game was to tell me they needed to go to the toilet and the accidents stopped within days, as this is all we concentrated on doing (kids learn fast!).

    Then it was onto holding on in public or in the car, where they couldn't just say they needed to go and I would take them, they needed to learn how to hold on. I would explain in simple language that they didn't have a nappy on for this car trip. Then I would tell them where we are going, ie "remember you have no nappy. No nappy on your bottom honey, so if you do a wee it will go all over your seat!" Then let them digest that and go on to say "we are driving to Nanna's house. If you need to do a wee tell me, and you hold on, no wee's in the car because you have no nappy, we can do a wee at Nanna's house". Then if they yelled out "wee wee" in the car I would say "ok, almost at Nanna's house, remember you are holding onto your wee until we get to Nanna's toilet". We only had a handful of accidents when they would fall asleep in the car while needing to go, but we also live an hour away from most relatives so it was hard for them to hold! If they were awake they were very capable of holding on until we got there.
    The same deal happened at the shops. At the grocery shops I would say before going in that there are no toilets in there so they need to hold on until we get home again. While clothes shopping I would tell them that they needed to tell me so that we could find a toilet.

    I also did the Mum thing of knowing when they would usually go and preparing for it. Both are different to each other, but one will need to poo at least 3 times a day and I know the other one will poo once every 1-2 days. So in that sort of a way I planned things a little too, like not going grocery shopping when I knew DD2 would be doing a poo an hour after eating lunch etc. lol After a few months of being TT it didn't really matter as they could 100% hold on.

    Night time TT is a lot harder and I *would* suggest waiting until they are ready, or until you have a lot of time to devote to it. DD2 got it before she was 2, as she is capable of waking up and going to the toilet in the middle of the night then going back to sleep, or of just holding on. DD1 (almost 4) can still have accidents because she drinks a lot, her bladder holds a lot and she is a deep sleeper. She won't even wake up if she wets the bed. For her it is more about making sure she isn't having a heap of fluid just before bed. I make sure she drinks as much water as possible during the day, then I don't offer it after dinner. (I give it if she asks, but don't offer).

    Overall I did night time TT the same as going in the car or going shopping. Spent some time explaining that they needed to remember that they had no nappy on that night, and if they need to wee they can call out to me. In the morning with dry beds, it was a heap of praise. If they were wet, it was just not talked about (if they themselves didn't tell me), or I said "oh well that doesn't matter, let's go wash them" (if they did tell me or seem upset).

    Good luck!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shell90 View Post

    Either way, maybe if you have Facebook or something, we can update each other on our attempts to potty train.
    Does you daughter like sitting on the potty? Does she know what shes there to do?
    My daughter is very independent, and I'm afraid if I sit her on a potty, she will refuse to use it because I put her there lol. She often wont eat food I give her and instead likes to take our food and feed it to herself. She even dresses herself in the mornings. Very cute!

    Talk soon Xx

    I sure do have facebook, I will PM you my details My DD likes sitting on the potty, and she does wees, but only after she wakes up in the morning and after her nap, I sit on the toilet as well, so she likes doing what mummy is doing. That's so cute that your DD dresses herself

    I think it seems like a good age to start, a lot of people think I am crazy, but my mum had all 4 of her kids TT by 18 months and back then that was the normal (20 ish years ago).

    TinyLittleTootsies - Thank you for sharing your TT Journey, you have given me some really great ideas. I will definatly be taking your approach

    Thanks Ladies!

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    Interesting thread. I have a 17 month old DS who I'm thinking about starting to TT for poos - only because he's very regular and he usually tells me if he's about to do one. I have zero idea about training him for wees yet.

    Off to buy a potty from the shops today anyway...!

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    I have been toilet training my baby since she was almost 6 months old.
    I find it's best to take the. To the toilet or their special potty before a sleep, after a sleep, after a big meal, before we leave the house and when we get out of the car.
    We had great success. Would just watch her to look for her cues when she needed to go. Now she's almost 7 months and she seems to hold in until I take her to the toilet after she wakes.
    Still a bit to go but it's a start.
    I don't think your forcing her to early just teaching her

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    So many fantastic ideas a comments!
    They all make sense, just about finding the right one for my DD.

    Its hard for us to have nappy free times, I would love to do it however
    my DD goes to daycare 5 days a week as my DH works fulltime and I
    study Part time and Work as well. We also have a fully carpeted house
    which is a rental so I am reluctant to let her room nappy free altho she has
    had accident on the carpet before while running away from her new clean nappy : ) lol.

    Maybe I should ask the Daycare on their TT . That way if i choose to do something they cant follow threw with it wont confuse her.

    Has anyone found it difficult TT the elder child one younger one is in nappies or having them both in nappies without starting toilet training?

    Interested to see how everyone goes who is TT now!


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    Hi Guys,

    Number 4 child is currently 2 years and 8 months nearly! My first 3 was clean day and night by the time they were 2 years. I tried him months ago and even though he was telling me when he had pooped and needed changing he was not at all interested in using the potti or the adult toilet with a baby seat placed on top!

    The first thing I do is to have several potti's scattered around but mainly with us in the lounge where we tend to spend most of our day!

    I decided to try again a couple of days ago,but this time removed everything the the waist down!!!! for the first few hours we sat on their a lot and i got him to look at his winki and asked him to push the wee out! at first he was donating a few droplets,by the afternoon i would say it was worth sitting on the potti lol but by then he wanted to sit on the potti without any prompting! I saw him scratching at his bottom and asked if he wanted to do a poop,he then ran,sat on the potti and watched some tv! He then got off presenting me with a big pee and poop! 2nd day of potti trainging,no prompting and not one mis-hap.

    Think it helps with him not wearing anything from the waist below,so we will be staying in for the next few days until its all sunken it,then I'll be getting him to wear his Bambino MIO pants and carrying his potti with us where ever we go!

    I think from experience is to not get stressed and have a real cavalier attitude but when they do manage it get really excited and take them to the loo to empty and wash it! My DS loves helping me empty and wash it so think he pee's just for another go lol Their all different and all get there in the end.

    I hope my experience has been of some help and hope your little ones get there soon.

    Love Mumze xoxo


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