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    DD is almost 18 months and would know over 50 words. She is also stringing together two and three word sentences (where's Daddy gone, bye puppy/marmar etc, Hi nana/papa etc) HOWEVER I know that she is advanced.

    I would also say she probably watches too much TV. It is often on in the background for some noise and she will stop for intros and credits then go about her day. Clearly it hasn't affected her learning though!

    I also have the same issues with anxiety leaving her. She goes to my mum two days a week when I work and my partner watches her every now and then but I feel so anxious at even the thought of leaving her with her other grandparents or day care. Again - hasn't done her any harm.

    None of these things make us bad parents. It make us and our children individuals. You sound like you're doing a great job

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    Oh OP I hear you . Please don't feel like a bad mum even though I understand it's hard not to instantly feel like that .

    My son is 25 months and isn't talking at all * sob* . He says maybe 4 words and that's not even daily , just random here and there . I didn't take him to the health nurse at 2 years for the very reason that at 18 months she had me in tears ( actually crying there in front if her ) because he wasn't saying 50 words + .

    I booked in the next week with my pead ( also in tears ) and he said to come back at 2.5 years to reassess as he was not concerned at all as DS development in all other areas was great and he understood and followed lots of instructions . He also said that he sees kids on a daily basis ( especially boys 2 and over ) that are not talking yet . He also scoffed at tv delaying he's speech and said if anything it helps them ( my son watches tv also , sometimes lots , sometimes none ) . I asked why the health nurse said what she said , he said they go by very generic guidelines and graphs / charts etc and unfortunately it doesn't really take into account the HUGE variables regarding kids development as they all develop at such different rates .

    I really hope your child just has a verbal explosion soon to allay your fears , I'm still waiting for my sons, he honestly just has no interest whatsoever at the moment . He's a clever little boy but just won't talk :-( . It causes me great stress daily so I really do understand how it can make you feel like a bad mum . I feel like that everyday thinking and wondering where I've gone wrong especially when I see every other child around me talking and when I get asked every.single.day by family " is get talking yet ?" grrrr .

    Also 18 months just seems do young !!!! Still a baby ! 50 words , my gosh , for the kids that are talking that many they seem super advanced to me !!

    Good luck !!!


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