Last night he went to sleep at 12, woke at 230 and didnt go back to sleep until 430. Then we were up at 7am. Im a wreck. I thought it was going good, apparently not.

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Indigo you poor's a continuing battle for you.

I know you live on an island far from any sleep school but would it be worth your while flying over to one? I highly recommend Tresillians. Last time we were at Tresillian there was a family from QLD who flew over - they achieved great success after the week of sleep training. Also while they were there, they trialled bubs on reflux meds and monitored his response. You may also benefit by getting his feeds sorted. The education, in house work shops, support and free night/ rest night you receive at Tresillians is valuable.

Certainly try to stretch out his feeds. If he is a reflux bubs, sometimes feeds can make it worse. My DS was previously a (breasfed) silent reflux bubs. Spacing out feeds made a huge difference. It's a cycle you have to break. Perhaps he's not taking big milk feeds or solids coz he is constantly snacking. Try one day of spacing feeds - yes he he may drink or eat little (for the first day) but then hopefully he ups his feeds (the day after).

Our paediatric GP used to say that sometimes babies wake coz something they've eaten or drunk causes some irritation in some way. Try a food diary. Also she (paed GP) believes that babies (well established on solids and protein) who are fed often overnight wake frequently coz milk feeds are energy for the body.

Space out feeds and decrease bfeeding times gradually overnight. See if this helps. You can only try.

Also changing over to goats milk formula helped my DS reflux to settle down. He was waking frequently during the day and night due to having an intolerance to cows milk (which caused bloating and reflux)

Thinking of you.
Its not an option we cant afford it. Im going to see the Paed again and ill try get them to make the company pay for it, but as sleeping school isnt a 'medical' condition they probably wont pay.

Before holidays he wasnt even getting night feeds, is last feed was 900pm and nothing until the next morning, i was getting him back to sleep with rocking ect. Just recently ive been giving them to him to shut him up so he'd go back to sleep. His day feeds are pretty snacky, but lately ive been feeding him at 6pm, then 10pm and bed. I just dont know what to do anymore. I wanted DP to take the day off work today to help me at home, but he is leading hand today so couldnt.