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    Default 1yo breastfeeds all night for sleeping!

    Hi. Just wanting to know if any of you wonderful experienced mothers out there have come across the following problem and whether you can please help me with it.....

    For the past 2 to 3 months - I have basically "breastfed" my baby girl to sleep. (She will be 1 year old tomorrow!)..... I am to scared to take her to bed with me and my husband...as I worry she will roll off / fall off... even though I am a light sleeper... so we have put mattresses down on the carpetted floor in our family lounge room for the nights... and from about say 9pm some nights, (some times its 10 or 8... it varies!!!...... ) She hops on the boob... and then falls asleep on it (and from anywhere of about 10 to say 40 minutes even) she sucks until she "pulls herself of boob"... Then rolls over and she can sleep anywhere between 30 minutes up to 2 hours... (I have fallen asleep while she feeds and roll over) before she cries out in her sleep again and again - I stick her back on boob...and the process begins again -.... all night till about 7am... there is no strict schedule... between wakeups - and there is no exact amount of time she will spend on boob.... sometimes I think she is taking too long and I am uncomfortable and tired - and pull her off... but she snorts around for it again..... I would go back and sleep in my husband and I's bed... but I worry she will wake up and climb the lounges... and fall off.... she did one time when we turned our back for about 10 seconds... !!!! (scared me enough!)

    During the day (no set time) - she has one feed of each side - but I have been trying to wean her off me - during the day - so the odd day - if we're out and she's really distracted and I have enough snacks and finger food - she doesn't notice or seem to want boob - till sleep time at night... during the day - we "rock her to sleep in pram" and she will sleep approx up to 2 hours in pram...after about 10-15 minutes rocking...

    yes I know i know - I have obviously "trained her" into doing this... by not trying to change it earlier... its just that... I don't want to lose the precious 3 to 5 hours of contstantly interrupted sleep I get already...

    We have tried to get her to sleep in her cot - with very little success - even bought the lullabub rocker system for the cot - great product - but didn't work for my girl!

    I also have 2 boys (3 and 5) to take care of during the day... 5 yo just started school and 3 yo goes to daycare twice a week to give me a break...
    and I also care for my two elderly parents - who can help in some small areas with the kids but their health is not great either - but yeah mostly - its me doing the hard work and me missing all the sleep....

    Of course - her drinking most of the night -affects her hunger the next day - she does eat - but I feel she would eat more if she didn't feed all night - and thus not want some more all night.... so catch 22?

    She has never had a baby bottle with teat... ever ... I have tried a number of times... and she refuses formula milk even in a cup... otherwise during the day she gets given lots of different drinks through straw, normal cup or poptop type kids juice bottle: water, juice, dairy milk, soy milk etc...etc..

    I have tried a dummy in the past - with no success - but not lately - don't think it will work - but could try again I guess....

    I have been to Tressilian sleep school with my first son... and trying to apply it ... but very hard - cos all I want is sleep - and can't sleep if shes crying...

    my husband works 9-5 MtoF so I let him sleep during night (scared he'll crash his car on way to work if I don't let him sleep...).... but he does help when he can (like on weekends he'll take kids out to park - so I can get a snooze for an hour... but usually I use the time to get some chores done... don't we all?)

    SO yeah - wits end..... another reason I would like to wean her off breastmilk is I am severely overweight (about 40kg to lose!) (and its affecting my health in numerous ways)... and have lost 6 kgs in the past 2 months by trying to exercise and watch what I eat... but I have tried in the past (about 6 years ago) the diet milkshakes - and lost 20 kgs .... anyway I would like to try them again to get my weight loss up to speed... and then maintain it by good eating and exercise... but can't be on diet milkshakes if I am breastfeeding... I only breastfeed my first 2 kids till 12 months - and they are healthy and fine today - so I also want to stop now with her - thats what I had planned - even if my weight and sleep were fine...

    Sorry so long... and thank in advance for any help.... AAARRRGHHH!!!!!

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    google dr jay gordon nightweaning
    we used the method and it worked great for a year, and we are currently re-diong after illness

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    A friend of mine had a cosleeping toddler that woke hourly for boob. She just stopped offering the boob overnight and patted/cuddled back to sleep. Similar to Dr Jay's plan that Trishalicious mentioned but sort of more cold turkey. She was DREADING how hard it was going to be and it was actually very easy and hardly any tears from her DD. good luck!!!!

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    I too had a constantly feeding 14mth old. I made DH take a week off and he slept next to her and I went to the spare room. She got annoyed but soon realized that daddy was dry and rolled over.

    Took 4 nights and she went into her cot on the 5/6th night. After 10 Nights she slept thru.


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