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    Sometimes we just have to remember that it's not about us. When I was on bed rest in hospital I wanted everyone to stop whinging about how difficult their toddlers were because I would have given anything to spend one whole day at home with mine, or to stop complaining about being overdue because I would have gladly gone weeks and weeks over instead of having a premature baby on oxygen. It took a lot for me to realize and remember that what was small issues to me were big problems to them and that me arguing to them that their problems were small compared to mine didn't make me feel better it just made them feel guilty.

    Sometimes it's better just to ignore certain people and comments for a while until it all blows over. Some friendships just aren't productive at times.

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    Ofcourse there are some parents who exaggerate, thats hunan nature.

    Society is obsessed with what baby's should be doing. If your baby does what theirs does/did then their baby was 'on track'. If you take their advice then that justify's that what they did was right.

    Everyone has different expectations. Sleeping thru can be 6 hrs to some, 12 to others. I don't let my girls cry, but my mum would disagree. Etc.

    Sleeping thru is a badge if honour for good parenting. I imagine there are women out there that exaggerate. I have always been asked by complete strangers if my twins sleep thru, what's the obsession.

    Just as there are 'drama queens' in our world, who thrive on 'poor you'.
    (I'm not implying anyone in this thread is either, I don't know any of you).

    I have one easy one and one hard one, for the record. I'm a duck on water. Some people think I'm a superwoman looking after twins on my own (DH works away), as I'm always on time, am in control, dont complain and have a smile on. Others know that i'm kicking like mad underneath, an (organised) chaos!

    P.S some people and their offspring are twits - that's human nature.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Minchi View Post
    My dd has never slept thru and she's 3!!! some nights she wakes up every 2 hours and even wakes up ds who is 17 mths old... both have good and bad moments, and in the shops dd is one of those annoying screeching kids. I have this one friend whose ds is ""perfect"" according to her. he sleeps in a single bed, no bed guards EVER, he doesn't have the bottle, or dummy and apparently toilet trained with no accidents (or overnight accidents) in about 5 days.... whatever. personally, her ds is the most antisocial twit of a child I have ever seen. For a kid that has been going to daycare since he was 3 mths old, you would expect him to be more of a social child with other children around the same age... but noooooo.... this kid NEVER shares his toys and constantly cries when the parents have other company around.... Then another friend told me when they visited them, this kid wet himself twice.... (i thought he was perfectly toilet trained?!).... I have come to the illusion that this friend lives in lala land.
    Ummm... Maybe your lack of sleep has turned you into a narky competitive friend. I think you are projecting your issues onto your friend. Why can't she be proud of her son?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NancyBlackett View Post
    It's not PC but I comfort myself with this theory: easy baby equals hard toddler and hard baby equals easy toddler.

    No one come in and tell me otherwise - I will simply put my hands over my ears and yell lalalalalala.

    Hugs OP. it does get better.
    True DS hard baby - easy toddler
    DD easy baby - hard toddler

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    Default Re: So over ''easy'' babies!! **mini vent**

    I have had a very rough trot with my kids and sleep - DS1 is almost 4.5 and DS2 is 2 - I haven't had a full night sleep in almost 5 years. I get the exhaustion. I used to feel a lot like you described in your original post.

    I had to learn to change my way of thinking. Every time I resented my friends for having an easier time than me, I reminded myself that That my challenges are my own and I never know the extent of the challenges that my friends are going through. My youngest is asthmatic and has spent hos short life so far with chronic tonsilitis and a host of other illnesses. It is rough. But I would never ever wish my journey on someone else, or that I was having someone else's ... because things aren't always what they seem. They may have easy babies now, but perhaps they went through a rough time themselves or maybe they might struggle somewhere down the line... you never know.

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