Hi I'm Lara and a 3rd and final year midwifery student studying at vic uni!

I'm looking for pregnant women in the Geelong area, of any gestation prior to 32 weeks to be my 'follow through' women. This means I attend as many appointments with you as possible and ultimately attend your birth. This is a part of my course requirements which allows us students to learn the importance of continuity of care (knowing a woman throughout her pregnancy). Most often the midwives caring for you throughout your pregnancy are not the same midwives who care for you during labour and birth. I will be your biggest advocator, with my midwifery knowledge and experience I can answer any of your questions(at any time of the day,anytime of the week), discuss your worries and ideas as well as help you make your labour and birth empowering and memorable.

Please contact me with any further questions, mothers find having an enthusiastic student apart of their pregnancy very satisfying!